Horsebastard / Rageous Intent

A small observation. Both bands are pretty punctual – every year they release something new and it makes us happy. I really dont know in which sick head the idea to combine these two teams was born, but the result is a killer! Lets pass the music side you just look at this art! The artist who painted it all probably drank hallucinogenic tea, heh heh). I can truly say that is one of the most badass covers in this year. Looking at all these characters you will get some good mood for yourself. And if you unwrap cover you will get a big and funny poster with stoned cartoon horse))) Spanish toreadors from Rageous Intent will be the first who present their songs to us. I must admit that their sound became more tasty. The material remained at the same high level as it was before. It`s fast, fun and aggressive and that is a great combination. Good balance between aggressiveness, brutality and readability of music instruments (if you want you can do those riffs yourself by ear). If you have depression, try these six short songs to help you get rid of it. Mad dudes from Horsebastard attack again! You have to taste 6 cups with strong burning booze that will mince your brains ๐Ÿ™‚ Listening to the new songs, I found myself thinking that guys dont loose their madness. Crazy riffs, fast and aggressive speed, vicious screams and a bit of mushrooms – thats how those english side can be characterized. What is interesting for me in particular is how much water does their drummer have to drink during the live set.
Rating: 8,5/10 Rageous Intent Horsebastard

Labels which release this split: Primitive Noise, Mono Canibal, ยกZAS! Autoproduzioni, Humanicide Records, Vleesklak Records, Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records

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