Carol Ann – Discography

Carol Ann was a wonderful band from Phoenix (Arizona)… These guys were active for only 7 years, but they have left a good trace in the sludge history. If I remember right they only have two 7″ (one of them was split with Noothgrush) and a demo. But in 1999 a had another recording session that was never released. Thanks to Grindfather prod, we have the opportunity to check all stuff of this wicked band. So this discography tape contains 17 songs of really toxic and aggressive material. I`ll be damn, but I am really happy to have this release and today I’m gonna share it with my neighbors, I bet they will be happy, haha!

So what really Carol Ann? This is a very heavy and loud mess, that you can call a sludgecore. If names like Dystopia, Noothgrush or Grief are close to you then you will love Carol Ann. It is a highly concentrated concoction of pain and hatred presented in the form of sound frequencies and vibrations. This shit hits harder than any of the grindcore bands, haha! This music has more fast songs than slow, guitar tunes is a ripper, same with bass. And this vocal, that is something incredible… that guy is so pissed off, his screams sound so wild and painful, that is simply “hats off”…

So if you`re really into dystopian kind of music, this is your band. I think this music can be easily used for the soundtrack for armageddon 😉

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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