Rageous Intent – Grindcore Compilation 2012 – 2016

Rageous Intent is a very powerful band. This name is not new anymore, RxIx became famous for their brutal grind. They are invited to many festivals, and also they have good recording activity. So I guess that is the main reason why this release happened. Grindfather Productions & Encinta Grrr!!! put out this tape af all RxIx Material… Here you will find songs from the splits with Horsebastard, Greed, Alea Iacta Est, Crisischrist and Final Cunt. Visual side is just a collage combination of all their cover art they have and used (a simple idea but it looks nice). I … Continue reading Rageous Intent – Grindcore Compilation 2012 – 2016

Horsebastard / Rageous Intent

A small observation. Both bands are pretty punctual – every year they release something new and it makes us happy. I really dont know in which sick head the idea to combine these two teams was born, but the result is a killer! Lets pass the music side you just look at this art! The artist who painted it all probably drank hallucinogenic tea, heh heh). I can truly say that is one of the most badass covers in this year. Looking at all these characters you will get some good mood for yourself. And if you unwrap cover you … Continue reading Horsebastard / Rageous Intent

Alea Iacta Est & Rageous Intent (Sekac Records)

What could possibly be common between Slovakia and Spain? You could waste a whole week thinking about it, but I recommend you to listen to this split instead! These bands are huge friends for sure, they toured together in Europe and then made a split!Alea Iacta Est is not a new band for me, I already did a review on their split with Controlled Existence from Czech Republic. Sometime later I got another package from Attila.The band presented 7 new tracks on this split. To be perfectly sure, I listened to this split three times and here are my thoughts … Continue reading Alea Iacta Est & Rageous Intent (Sekac Records)