Su19b/Terror Firmer

This split seems to me like a moon which has two sides. Mystery dark side and shiny well known side. Japanese old samurais from Su19b will be on dark side (of course ;))… their music is very atmospheric. This dark and slow rhythms slowly penetrate your brain and paralyze your mind. There is only two songs but it`s really enough to scare you)) This sound like black resin… it`s dripping like a slime from the guitar riffs… Flies away from blast beats and trembles with the vibrations of the bass guitar… Throughout the listening Su19b part I was not left by the feeling that I`m listening to, Breathing and screeching of ancient monster. On the “white” side we have italian punk-grind warriors Terror Firmer. This side has no too low and dark sound, this noise is perceived very easily (after so harsh and dark attack from Su19b hehe). Fast thrashing riffs will strike you like arrows of the savages… “tupa tupa” beats sound so nice, It`s makes me swing, haha!) Harsh roars and screams… yes, that what I really want and all this noise spiced by old good punk. This pasta monster will be to the liking for many sick grindheads. In charge of the artwork was my old friend Huere (Huere Artworks/Insomnia Isterica)… This guys know how to make good punk art. Just look at this rotten and drunk drawing. Nice stuff isnt it?) Rating: 8.5/10 Terror Firmer Su19b

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