Su19b/Terror Firmer

This split seems to me like a moon which has two sides. Mystery dark side and shiny well known side. Japanese old samurais from Su19b will be on dark side (of course ;))… their music is very atmospheric. This dark and slow rhythms slowly penetrate your brain and paralyze your mind. There is only two songs but it`s really enough to scare you)) This sound like black resin… it`s dripping like a slime from the guitar riffs… Flies away from blast beats and trembles with the vibrations of the bass guitar… Throughout the listening Su19b part I was not left … Continue reading Su19b/Terror Firmer

Cruel Face / Disturbance Project

This split represents an evil portion of grindcore that will cleanse your body and your mind from unnecessary and bad thoughts. Damn, the noise content of this split completely match its cover … these vivid sounds are like a soundtrack of the riots. I think that the artist felt the same way and redistributed these emotions and mood into his artwork. The first ones to knock out all the shit from your brains will be Brazilian guys Cruel Face. After their reunion, guys got back down to business pretty fast and keep release new stuff for their listeners enjoyment. 4 … Continue reading Cruel Face / Disturbance Project


Crit de Fastic Records, was born in Barcelona in 2012 with Nata to the controls, but since 2015 it works from Berlin. Starts with no much money and so much love for the vinyls and for the audioshit, and some friends from Barcelona, make my first contacts with outern grindcore bands like Twisted Truth from the Czeck Republic. Then, i start to move much more in the underground scene in Barcelona and i meet a lot of bands ans projects, and different persons and friends stars to trust in my project and then, this shit begins. First local and national bands, … Continue reading CRIT DE FASTIC RECORDS!

Split Terror Firmer / Su19b finally out!

You can order this split thru next labels: Zas Autoproduzioni / Grindfather Productions / Mono Canibal Records / Crit De Fastic Records / L’è Tütt Folklor Records / Alternative Record Label (ARL) / Sedation / Collettivo Autorganizzato SWAMP / THC & DIY Records Continue reading Split Terror Firmer / Su19b finally out!

Split El Hambre/Under Vultures will be out soon!

This dark piece of wax will be released by: Tu Pa Tu Tu Pa Records, La Choza De Doe, Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records, Crit de Fastic Records, Humanicide Records, Vidasubterranea Records & Purga Records Continue reading Split El Hambre/Under Vultures will be out soon!

Intestinal Rot – Re-Inventing Mankind

Quiet wind, eternal trees, majestic rivers flow in absolute calmness. We all heard all that shit about Canada in shool, right? Our teachers carefully concealed what was hidden behind this beautiful picture. In fact, a dozen of really sick bands are hidden there. I’ve heard a lot of teams, that were trying to combine the brutal death with goregrind, but I didn’t like almost all of them. I cannot say that I was impressed by Intestinal Rot for all 100%, but these Canadian guys know how to play good shit. For me, the best part of the Re-Inventing Mankind was … Continue reading Intestinal Rot – Re-Inventing Mankind

Mesrine / G.O.D.

This split made very long way from the idea to physical incarnation. Labels spent a lot of time releasing this vinyl (I guess that the reason was financial issues, as always)… deadline was changing a lot and I was waiting for this split for more than a year! And finally in the end of the year 2015 I managed to check it out. When I heard about this split for the first time I wasn’t even surprised because guys from both bands live in the same country and are friends and they have many shows where they play together. So … Continue reading Mesrine / G.O.D.

Matka Teresa & Suffering Mind (Split 7")

As you may know, music underground is a cheerful and friendly place. People in this community help each other in different ways, and I think this is great! Here is another proof of “underground friendship” – 8 labels gathered and published this split together. This modest seven-inch vinyl includes two excellent bands: international team Matka Teresa and Polish guys from Suffering Mind! Our lives are poisoned with all types of crap that surrounds us… Our minds are infected with information disease. All those bastards want to make us to do what we do not like – to fight, to die. … Continue reading Matka Teresa & Suffering Mind (Split 7")