Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Sordo – “Tactical Precision Violence” Tape Whoresnation – “Collection 2009-2912” Tape Endless Demise – “Prosess OF Elimination – Discography”  Terror Firmer – “Grind’S Not Dead” Tape Coffee Grinders – “The Grindcore Brothers 2000” Tape Warsore – “Violent Swing Discography” Tape  For more info just visit  Continue reading Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Archagathus / Terror Firmer

Well boys and girls today we will mince our ears with this nasty split. You all perfectly know (I hope so) both bands, both of them are pretty famous and these punks know how to create good catchy noises. A cooperation of 13 (!!!) labels managed to press two different versions of this 10”, regular black and lovely pink one (I got a pink one). I can only say that this dirty audio madness is like a good portion of alcohol, it brings you so much fun… And I will try to explain to you why. Let’s go in order … Continue reading Archagathus / Terror Firmer

Su19b/Terror Firmer

This split seems to me like a moon which has two sides. Mystery dark side and shiny well known side. Japanese old samurais from Su19b will be on dark side (of course ;))… their music is very atmospheric. This dark and slow rhythms slowly penetrate your brain and paralyze your mind. There is only two songs but it`s really enough to scare you)) This sound like black resin… it`s dripping like a slime from the guitar riffs… Flies away from blast beats and trembles with the vibrations of the bass guitar… Throughout the listening Su19b part I was not left … Continue reading Su19b/Terror Firmer

Split Terror Firmer / Su19b finally out!

You can order this split thru next labels: Zas Autoproduzioni / Grindfather Productions / Mono Canibal Records / Crit De Fastic Records / L’è Tütt Folklor Records / Alternative Record Label (ARL) / Sedation / Collettivo Autorganizzato SWAMP / THC & DIY Records Continue reading Split Terror Firmer / Su19b finally out!

Archagathus / Terror Firmer is out!

This split released through:Goodbye Mankind, ¡ZAS! Autoproduzioni, Hecatombe Records, Nuclear Alcoholocaust, Repulsive Medias, Dead rasputin prod., Extreme Terror Production, Grind Your Mind Records, Soondoongi Records, Grindfather Productions, PoGohai Records, Ratto Records  Continue reading Archagathus / Terror Firmer is out!


Terror Firmer was born in 2008 by members of Cancer Spreading, Repulsione, Jesus Ain’t in Poland and Bestial Vomit to play a sick crossover of old school Grindcore and ’80s ultrafast hardcore-thrash.Until now TxFX released 6 split eps and took part in a couple of compilations, we are working on some new stuff and waiting for the split 10″ with ARCHAGATHUS to be released. Alcoholic Terror!!!! Terror Firmer fb Continue reading TERROR FIRMER!

Terror Firmer (16.01.15)

Hi, guys! Glad to have this interview with you on GoodGuysGoGrind! How’s the sunny Italy doing? Hello Alexander! To tell you the truth there is fucking cold at the moment, outside it’s freezing… and by the way I live in Modena, ones of the most polluted cities of Italy if not of the whole Europe… so sorry I shred apart your view of the “sunny Italy”, ahah. Living here it’s a shit, but probably that is what has pushed us to play Grindcore, as well of other kinds of fucked-up music and activities. It’s only natural to get some feedback … Continue reading Terror Firmer (16.01.15)