Rato Triste – Choked By My Own Dreams

Just from the heart of the Czech Republic – Rato Triste! Filthy, loud, and super heavy sludge brigade from Prague! But that`s not all, this band has badass guys from Controlled Existence, Morbid Angel Dust, Sick Destroyer etc… so as you see these members know how to play not only slow music. But let`s get back to “Choked By My Own Dreams”. This is their debut full-length, it contains only 4 songs but believes me, this material will smash you… It also has a cool design, actually, it suits more for grindcore releases, but I see no problem here. I … Continue reading Rato Triste – Choked By My Own Dreams

SOOM – Джєбарс (Robustfellow)

Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel the need for slow, hellish music. Sometimes, I just want to hear something that is viciously callous and devastating. Thankfully, noise-terrorists SOOM recently released their second album Джєбарс, to be honest I expect a lot from this full length… Chief of the Robustfellow label gave me this tape for review. I must say, I was really surprised with its looks and design. This is some truly nerdy stuff; the colors, the form, the way the whole hardcover connected – it’s really something. All polygraphy was made in Ukraine but the tapes were made and recorded … Continue reading SOOM – Джєбарс (Robustfellow)

Noothgrush – S/T (Fuck Yoga Records)

It’s surprising how many rare recordings are showing up these days. Look what I found! Very first demo of legendary Noothgrush has been re-released by Fuck Yoga Records. This self titled material was pressed on CDs and vinyl (so in the end the digital and analog freaks could satisfy their hunger). It’s a miracle that somebody still has that tape in such nice condition. For obvious reasons I can’t check the original sound however this digitized version sounds nice. I’m sure that sound engineer tried to remove all major interference but, this debut is still has its noisy and raw … Continue reading Noothgrush – S/T (Fuck Yoga Records)

Od Vratot Nadolu – Жива (Fuck Yoga Records)

Finally it’s Sludge time on Good Guys Go Grind! Believe me boys and girls, today I dug up a very special (maybe totally unknown thing for most of you), album for you guys. I want to present you with the only work of Od Vratot Nadolu (From the Neck Down, sorry if my translation is wrong). The fact that this massive work was lost in the void of oblivion is not fair and unbelievable. This slow and beautiful full length was born in mysterious Macedonia somewhere in 2010. Unfortunately I didn’t find a lot of information about this band… I … Continue reading Od Vratot Nadolu – Жива (Fuck Yoga Records)

Su19b – Neutralize (Grindfather prod)

This year my audio library was replenished by another excellent release… a new dreadful thunderbolt from old honorful Japanese sludge  pv grind band Su19b)) This tape has been stuck in my Harman Kardon deck for some time. The new album has an unpleasant feel of a disgusting and dark atmosphere that will drag you into the abyss and suffocate you. Its so heavy and magical work, the release resembles the motion of lithosphere plates… cover art matches the music perfectly. The cover is artistically very professionally done, delivering a sad and scary scenario of neverending war, destroying the planet and … Continue reading Su19b – Neutralize (Grindfather prod)

Fuck Yoga Records!

Fuck Yoga has been aiming to release interesting records since 2004. Some fast, some slow – all heavy and fucked up. 2018 release schedule: Burmese “Priviliged” lp, Moss “Sinister History vol.2” lp, Legion Of Andromeda “Fistful Of Hate” lp, repress of Come To Grief “The Worst Of Times” 12″, Depressor – Singles Collection lp. Contact: website: hellmilitia.com bandcamp: fuckyogarecords facebook: Fuck Yoga fb instagram: fuck_yoga_records e-mail: neveranswerthephone@gmail.com Releases: fy#59 Ride For Revenge / Satanic Torment split 7″  fy#58 Depressor 1995 lp fy#56/57 Come To Grief “The Worst Of Times” lp/cd fy#55 Transhunter s/t lp fy#54 Goli Deca “Mania” lp fy#53 Grief – “Depression” … Continue reading Fuck Yoga Records!

Augurs / Deathgrave

Now here is a split I’ve absolutely loved from day 1. 2014 was an interesting year for Extreme Music in general and was loaded with great releases. Augurs and Deathgrave, 2 of California’s finest, joining forces to unleash a hellstorm. Where do I even begin with this release? I suppose we can start with the cover art. This appears to be some sort of a statue of a monk in robes that seems to be slowly transforming into a tree, at least that is my personal impression. Alright, now comes the really fun part, the music! Augurs deliver unto us … Continue reading Augurs / Deathgrave

Meth Drinker / Moloch (Grindfather prod)

I know that it is pretty strange for us to write a review on a genre that is far from Grind, but these bands are worth your attention guys. So without any more hesitation, I push this tape into my player. And… The endless abyss of black resin began to envelope me. It`s really hard to believe that such a small country like New Zealand could birth such a dreadful band. If I remember right Meth Drinker is not active anymore. And that makes me a little bit sad because their low sound infection is so good. This band acts … Continue reading Meth Drinker / Moloch (Grindfather prod)