Agathocles / CxTxD

It’s seems that to make a split with Agathocles has become not just interesting, it has acquired the status of rules, haha) So young and noisy band from strict Germany not failed to deal with it, and they have made a tape release jointly with mincecore monsters. Speaking of the cassette, it`s pretty lovely, with actual social art (if I may call it that) printed on grey cardboard paper, sort of a modest but cute DIY :). As expected for boys with good manners, CxTxD gave right to open this split for elders. So let’s see from where AG take their record for this time. Wow, this record was made almost 10 years ago (what a flashback haha). Belgian veterans recorded that stuff on gig (so it`s live recording) in country of big volcanoes and strange wine – in Chile. Then they had played almost 30 songs and it`s hard to say in front of what public they played, because I don’t hear many screams from audience side… Record is raw, but listenable. I think that I have no need to talk one more time about what those guys are playing because everyone knows and listens to them)))
I admit, It was quite difficult to find the words for CxTxD side. From one side, it’s just noisecore/grind, but the guys tried to make it unusual. Scary distortion-overloaded bass creates some kind of harsh-drone noise,and it’s adding some space atmosphere to that maelstrom. The same with vocals – they are also distorted and sound pretty specifically. I will not lie, I didn’t become a fan of CxTxD, but I was definitely interested to hear what these guys have recorded in their basement…
Rating: 7/10 CxTxDx Agathocles

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