Bizarre-X / CxTxD

This noisy split shows all the brutality of the German people. This piece of plastic contains a few minutes of really harsh sounds. Precisely because of this, the release definitely is only for noise lovers (I guess not many metal or grindcore fans can dig these noises). So from one side we have real old legends Bizarre-X (who wake after a long deep coma) and new noise boys – CxTxD. Stylistically these two bands are absolutely different (if I may say that), both of them use their own way to make noises. Bizarre-X shows up with 5 brand new tracks. … Continue reading Bizarre-X / CxTxD

Agathocles / CxTxD

It’s seems that to make a split with Agathocles has become not just interesting, it has acquired the status of rules, haha) So young and noisy band from strict Germany not failed to deal with it, and they have made a tape release jointly with mincecore monsters. Speaking of the cassette, it`s pretty lovely, with actual social art (if I may call it that) printed on grey cardboard paper, sort of a modest but cute DIY :). As expected for boys with good manners, CxTxD gave right to open this split for elders. So let’s see from where AG take … Continue reading Agathocles / CxTxD