Grossel & Sete Star Sept (Deaf Death Husky Records)

Perfect time for a total DIY release! Let the noise be! A printer and some solid paper, a little bit of wonder and a good cassete recorder – that’s a formula for simple but nice cassete releases, hehe)) I think this format is 100% suitable for this release because spending a lot of money for pro-tape or vinyl in this case is senseless. I’ve been looking through the cover of this cassette for some time but I couldn’t understand what’s depicted there, ahaha, that’s why let’s move to the noisy part of it. Hm… maybe I should say the sound here isn’t of top quality because Grossel have recorded a live (lives usually don’t sound good, of course if you are not Iron Maiden lol), when Japanese SSS have recorded their tracks somewhere in basement studio. Frenchmen Grossel is one good item in the long list of mincegrind bands. These guys play very peppy cheerful music. And it is somehow good this is a live recording so you can easily realise how good these guys are in playing alive. Heavy guitar sound doesn’t conflict with the cheerfulness of the material (also it is a great feature), In addition we have various vocals, and the skills of drummer are so good they don’t need any annotations. No matter this is a raw live recording but for me this is a great example of good live mincegrind! I should say I’m not a huge fan of SSS, those guys have both good and bad recordings. And here is a bad one… It just doesn’t catch me. It is noisy but I can’t feel a monolith of heavy wall of noise. Everything sounds just like a banal cacophony, but I know these samurais could do it a lot better.
Rating: Grossel: 7.5/10 Sete Star Sept: 6/10

You can get this tape HERE!

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