Stheno – Liberty Crawls In Waste (Everydayhate)

It happened so that I write a review on every release of this greek maniacs, one can say that I’m monitoring and describing every step of them, hehe))) After couple of splits and one EP it is clear that these guys should move forward. And it is absolutely predictable and logically that Polish label Everydayhate got its hands on their first long-playing album. So, what do we have here? Well, the guys wrote 13 songs for their first real baby (not bad). The first thing which your eye notices is the art which is beautiful in some way. It is very dark (especially the background with abandoned houses) but at the same time it has a type of elegance. The album itself starts with an interesting intro which multiplies the dark atmosphere of the artwork…Those sounds of chains, they make your flesh creep :). Just after the intro we hear fast, powerful and straightforward Stheno which is common for us. As I have mentioned earlier I’m familiar with all works of these guys so I can see which way their music is going with time. On the album Liberty Crawls In Waste I could mark that the guys have added more metal to their sound, they came back to their black metal basis. Grindcore is present here too but it isn’t dominating, while the spirit of crust left their music almost completely. The work has very solid sound, everything is at a high level (as for me I prefer raw stinky sound, but for Stheno the “clear” sound is proper). All songs are connected with each other by one hardly prominent thread which makes this album very conceptual, I think.
Rating: 7.5/10 Stheno Make pre-order at Everydayhate

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