Patareni – Infuzija Iluzija

Who does not know Patareni? These guys are damn famous, after the begging of their way (somewhere in 1983) they are still here, still making noise. Not a mystery that boys have so many releases (but not like Agathocles, haha), don`t know how the hell that happened but there is still unreleased material. So here is a nice compilation of untouched stuff. “Infuzija Iluzija” was released last year by the US label  Haunted Hotel rec. 5 rare live recordings in one pack… nice, isn`t it? I think this is a good present for die-hard fans of Patareni.

Usually, such stuff belongs to the “lost in time” category. Master tapes are destroyed by time or improper storage, or during the moving from one place to another. It`s not a secret that I`m not a fan of live stuff. These songs were taken from the old tapes, re-mastered, and cleaned… I bet it sounds much better than the original, but anyway it`s still dirty as hell, haha! Anyway, this story is not about the quality, it`s about fun and pleasure. These raw guitar sound pretty warm, and the vocal is freaking loud it simply cutters everything and makes a hole in your skull! You will also feel the atmosphere of these old gigs, the crowd’s screams, and some talks from the stage and so on. Just look at this cover art, total madness and fun, this drawing will explain everything!

Contacts:  Patareni fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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