Last Days of Humanity (22.02.15)

Hi, Hans! Greetings from our quiet blog, hehe) How’re you doing? What’s new?

Hi Alexander, at this moment not much i am taking it easy on this lazy Sunday afternoon. 

Ok, let’s start with the main question. Since the band’s first steps LDOH always had troubles with members… Constant staff turnover, to say the least. What line-up LDOH has now? Are you satisfied with it? Is there any chance we would see Marc Palmen again?

LDOH had many line up changes, but almost al of them happened in good standing, mostly when people left the had other plans (musicaly or other) Some members left and got back later along the line

My Polish friend Pavel (Fat Ass rec) shared some news with me about releasing Fubar/LDOH this year… That’s awesome, I should say! There are also rumors about you writing new material for this split. Is it true?)

Yeah, its true, this year we hope to release a split with dutch grinders FUBAR ( they are working on songs at this moment) Fatass will release this split as a 10” and Haunted Hotel from the USA will release it on the same time as mcd and 9” the songs were recorded in the same time as Putrefaction in Progress but witout the vocals. Rogier asked me last year if i would do the vocals on those songs because it was a waste if those somgs were not used for a release. So i when into the studio and did the vocals for those songs, 5 of them. This spring i enter the studio once more to do the vocals on another 5-6 songs when those songs will be used , i am not sure but when they are ready we find some good use fort hem. The tracks are in the Putrefaction In Progress vein, so, fast and brutal. 

Now’s the time for boring generic question. What do you use when recording vocals? What devices do you use? For example, your vocals on Putrefaction In Progress is sooooo hellish and mind-blowing!)

For my vocals i use a Whammy from Digitech, i put this device on 75% of 1 octave down, so not to low because then you get a more “round” sound, and i like the sharp edges on the vocals also i not only do deep growls, but also high pitches screams and if that goes through that whammy you get a very nice effect. 

Oh, and what about live shows? Do you like to jump on the scene near the crowd? Do you remember when was the last show of LDOH? What happens with Russian live gig? 

At this moment we don’t do live shows because of lack of time, we al have jobs familiy stuff and lots more. My last live show with LDOH was age’s ago. On 18-01-1997 in eindhoven, (there is a split LP/CD of that gig) i left because of lack of time, studio matirial only i could do, but the band wantd to move forwart. 

Hans, you devoted so much time to LDOH. Do you keep following modern grindcore scene? A lot of bands are inspired by your music. Maybe there’s a band that really impressed you?

Yeah i follow modern grindcore these day, to name a few, Keitzer from germany are realy great. But also 5 stabbed, 4 corpses, Rompeprop, Rectal Smegma, FUBAR, Grindbashers, Death Toll 80K, Kraanium, Looking For An Answer, Nails, Passiv Dodshjlp, Meatal Ulcer, Tragedy, 

While browsing on the Internet looking for information about you and LDOH, I found out something pretty interesting. Tell our readers about Grindtube666. Do you still continue to fill it with new stuff?

Yes i started that channel a couple years ago to upload al my old concert video’s that i collected over the past years, it contains some very old stog (fear of god, necrony, agathocles, ect) I also have deathtube999 on that one are the “bigger” bands with old gigs, (morbid angel, carcass, bolt thrower, grave, sinister, pungent stench, obituary, brutal truth, suffocation, napalm death, ect ,etc.)

Imagine if you were a crazy maniac, how would you kill your preys?

Tree shredder!!!!!

Sometime ago in one of the interview for Brain dead zine you said that if you are going to create a new band, you’d still play sick and brutal goregrind. What makes this gore theme so attractive for you? And is there something you don’t like, maybe?
No that never happened, i go tinto the music again when LDOH asked me if i would do the vocals for putrefaction in progress. 
Have you ever seen mutilated dead body with your own eyes? Maybe when you were young you liked to go to morgue?)
No, i have seen some deaths, but non of them were in a mutilated state. 

What can you say about Bones Brigade label? I noticed that Nicolas helped you with your first album, and years after years he helped you with releasing your music.

Nicolas is a great friend of mine, i knew him for many years no, when he still was working for Osmose Production, when he later started his own label he contacted us if we were interested in releasing a full lengt on his label, we of course said YES! 

Looks like you have no problem with re-prints, ’cause last two years we’ve seen some re-prints of your releases. What about re-releasing whole splits? I also would like to have in my collection a couple of your demo tapes, and splits with Regurgitate and Lymphatic Phlegm are nowhere to be found today((

Fatass offered us to re-release all the CD releases on vinyl, we exepted because we like vinyl ourself and bones brigade never bottered to do it, fatass is very nice to work with, he is fast and keeps his word. As for re-releases of the old ep’s well i dont know, maybe in the fututre. The split with Lymphatic Phlegm will not be re-released because the label did not want that. 

Hans, do you like reading books? If yes, what was the last book that impressed you?

No i am not realy a book reader, last book i read was on of Steven Hawkings. 

Ok, the questions are over. Thank you so much for this interview! Maybe I forgot to mention something in it? Add a couple of final words here, please.

No nothing to ad, thank you Alexander for the cool questions!

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