Curby / Obscene Extreme Festival 2021

Could you inform us about some major changes? I guess the rules have been changed because of the epidemic…

First I have to say that the Czech Republic is now a green light country as for covid and the situation here looks really fine now…and it’s summer time so even the weather will surely help! So far our government announced open air shows for 5000 people in July 2021 which is enough for OEF this year!!! As fo covid restrictions, it seems that one of the following ones will be needed: 1. Vaccination or 2. Negative test or 3. Post covid immunity (180 days from a positive test). We don’t want to bully anyone, we just want to do a safe festival for everyone…It might change by the beginning of July and if yes, then we will announce it on our websites. Check out our website or social media, we always have a lot of actual information here…

Is it allowed to set up a camp near the fest venue?

Yes, we will have a campsite next to the festival area as usual. Camping next to your car will be possible…We have really a huge grassland, so that everyone can find a good and big enough place for a tent.

Which bands are you looking forward to the most? Tell us your 5 choices.

Well, it’s a hard choice! I surely want to see both the shows of SCHIRENC PLAYS PUNGENT STENCH. Saturday they play their cult album “For God Your Soul…For Me Your Flesh” and Sunday another classic masterpiece “Been Caught Buttering”!!! Those albums have accompanied me since I was a teenager and I am more than happy that we will have the chance to see such exceptional shows in this special year!!! I am very happy for the comeback of turbo speed lunatics from YACOEPSAE, they haven’t played OEF since 2012 and they always seriously kick ass! Love this band! SICK SINUS SYNDROME (a new project from Bilos) sounds very promising on a recording, so that might be a pure gore old school sickness! SKELETHAL plays really sick death metal, so need to see them live as well. Polish band, ZATRATA, sounds awesome with their crusty death metal mix. ENDSEEKER is a pure essence of Swedish death metal. I also want to see SKIPLIFE, SCHIZOPHRENIA, WOJCZECH, GRIDE, GOD DETHRONED and to be honest…I could continue with the list…

I could see that you would use the cashless system again. That is great news. Last time it worked really well and I think it`s the best way for such festivals.

Absolutely! Some fans liked our printed tokens, but the future is right here and a cashless system is really the easiest way for us and also for you, guys…it’s fast and easy payment for food and drinks. Check more info HERE!

The lineup is very strong, the number of local bands surprised me. That will be an awesome promotion for the young and not-so-famous bands!

Thank you, this year it was truly a pain in the ass…Actually, we always support new and not-so-famous bands! Not many bigger festivals give them a chance, but OEF is different I think. I have asked so many bands, so many friends and most of them had to say no, which was truly heart breaking for me but I understand them…Times are really tough…I wanted to have at least one Swedish band but no chance for them to travel to Czechia in July…The vaccination continues slowly there, so they all told me, they will be happy to come next year…But as you said, there’s a nice opportunity for new bands and new energy and I believe I have booked the best possible lineup as every year! I really couldn’t do much more…

Did you have problems during organization? Did the mayor and your town authority accept your application for the fest without any problems?

Hahaha…What a question! Of course, thousands!!! I can write a novel about it haha…but I don’t want to sound just skeptical…The townhall stands behind OEF since te beginning and we never had any problem with the town council! And it’s the same this year, they understand and help us where they can!

Do you have a plan B in case of a new wave of this plague? I guess you already heard about the Delta variant of the virus…

Sure! If the situation gets bad and not safe for us, then I will refund all tickets, wash my face with a very cold water and grind on!!!

Tell us please which distros were confirmed? Who will be selling grind to the fans?)

Grindmarket will surely be smaller…Anyway, we have prepared a brand new OEF 2021 merchandise that is truly awesome! We have some killer artworks from Martin & Pen n Ink Designs, Luis Sendón, Gary Ronaldson…They all did an amazing work! But you have asked about distros as well. So, current confirmations have arrived from Psychocontrol records, Insane Society records, Phobia records, Red Devil records, Fat Ass records/Underground Front records, Ebola, Lecter Music agency, Maximed records, L´ Inphantile Collective, Sadofekalus Shop, N.I.C./Trujaca Fala, Cyra distro, Dead Heroes, HMVP records and hopefully a few more will show up in the end…

Thank you so much! Keep the grind alive!

Thank you for your time, take care and come to mosh!!!

Contacts: Official site / Tickets / Facebook 

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