Herida Profunda – Power To The People

It`s hard to remember when I heard this band for the first time… I think it was at the beginning of the way of GGGG. They released their debut album back then. The first record was pretty raw, guys tried to find themself… but with year they became better and better! The new album “Power To The People” will prove to you my words. This work is way more mature than their first tunes. Great sound, design (with a young generation of grinders, hehe), and the concept itself. So do we have here, what will get the listener who never heard of Herida Profunda? This is a good mix of grindcore, hardcore with a drop of other genres. Absolutely catchy and unboring stuff, must say!

So as I already say this material will please you with a variety of different tunes, structures, and screams. Also, it will cheer you up with a great portion of energy and emotions! Fast and furious music, everything that we love so much! Guys did everything really great, you won’t be wanted to cut this music off… and I think that means a lot! As for tech details, hmmm… well, the guitar has a nice buzzing tone, and the bass is powerful and pretty crusty. Good drum work, all beats sound pretty old-fashioned. Vocal is powerful and loud. A few guitar solos here and there and the job is done!

Try this album and you won’t regret it!

Contacts: Herida Profunda fb  /  Herida Profunda bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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