Abanglupa – Of Rats And Swine

What do you know about the extreme music scene in the Philippines? Today I want to share with you an awesome debut of Abanglupa. First of all, we have here a duo, two blood-related brothers who decided to fight back against the system. The music of this band is also a form of protest against the ruling government of Rodrigo Duterte. As a result, 10 songs of dynamic gloomy metal hardcore with crust vibes, that are bursting with energy and rage. Intriguing, isn’t it? This music is a bloody good punch right into the head! Loud, fast and aggressive… guys … Continue reading Abanglupa – Of Rats And Swine

Herida Profunda – Power To The People

It`s hard to remember when I heard this band for the first time… I think it was at the beginning of the way of GGGG. They released their debut album back then. The first record was pretty raw, guys tried to find themself… but with year they became better and better! The new album “Power To The People” will prove to you my words. This work is way more mature than their first tunes. Great sound, design (with a young generation of grinders, hehe), and the concept itself. So do we have here, what will get the listener who never … Continue reading Herida Profunda – Power To The People

Warfuck – Diptyque

We`re only 4 months into 2023 but this year gives us already a ton of great music! Our good friends Warfuck from France just dropped their new album. “Diptyque” became their 4th full-length and must admit this work is pure brutality! Don`t really know how much time these dudes spant in the rehearsal room, but the result is worth of all watings. This record has nice visual part too. The artist tried to express his vision ofthis album on the paper, and I think he did it well. This album was pressed on blue vinyl, so all fans of colored … Continue reading Warfuck – Diptyque

Von Drakus – Life Eraser

Germany and hardcore? Of course! Today I want to listen to and talk about the last mini-album of the cool metal-hardcore brigade Von Drakus. Shame on me, but I never hear about them before… But I will try to fix this ridiculous misunderstanding. So guys are active for more than 10 years and have a few albums in their discography. Must admit that the design on this tape looks really good, especially the limited edition, Casete sell was painted by hand and look delicious… Lower Class Kids rec has a real passion for DIY! Hmm, I want to start by … Continue reading Von Drakus – Life Eraser

Bandit – Siege of Self

The Philadelphian trio Bandit finally released their new album. “Siege of Self” is something they have never done before. This record is more complicated, more aggressive, and crazy. You really need to be prepared for such music, hehe! It’s also a good example of modern extreme music… The visual part of this work may look simple, but I found it very elegant. Just look at this art during listening to the records and the content of the picture will be revealed to you. Yes, Bandit made a damn puzzling album this time, but I love not-unusual and tricky stuff. On … Continue reading Bandit – Siege of Self

Max/625 Thrashcore rec (27.02.23)

Good day Max! I hope you`re doing well. How the things with the label going on? Hello Alex. I hope you are safe and doing well during this horrible time.As for 625, things are going relatively well, although the recent increase in manufacturing costs, postage, etc has been really difficult. When I first started, I could make an EP for about $1.50 USD which I could then wholesale for $2.00. Now, Eps cost about $6-7 USD to manufacture, which means by the time they get to stores, the mark-up is the equivalent to $12-15 or sometimes even $20 with postage. … Continue reading Max/625 Thrashcore rec (27.02.23)

Endless Bore – Drive Not Detected

A new mini-album from Australian hardcore hooligans Endless Bore has not left my player for several days. This work is pure fire… The guys managed to record very catchy stuff. I`m absolutely in love with “Drive Not Detected”! The whole material was released as 12″ by Grindhead rec. I have a feeling that artist was influenced by old punk and hardcore when he drew this art. Everything here looks simple but very bright. I simply love it! This is not just an album, this is fucking music destruction! The energy, atmosphere, and everything here are screaming! This music will charge … Continue reading Endless Bore – Drive Not Detected

Teething – Help

Teething is one of the bands from a new wave of grindcore. These guys are mixing different genres in their music. For example, a second album (this one) has 14 songs of hardcore-infused grindcore for fans of Napalm Death and Biohazard or the late Agnostic Front. These guys also have their special character, which they have been using for some of their artworks. The whole design has a pleasant pink color, gatefold same as a CD booklet looks really awesome. You will find there all lyrics and all the additional info. Hmm, this album is truly loud with some unexpected … Continue reading Teething – Help

Under Attack – S/T

Last summer Under Attack released a self-titled EP. That release really stuck in my mind, I don`t even remember how many times I played it, hehe! But this is not surprising because this band consists of the guys of Conniption, Discordance Axis, and Suppression. All guys have huge experience in different genres and they definitely know what “old school” is. The cover of this work is made in old punk/hardcore traditions. The artist drew the band on the stage, yes it`s not unique but still badass. The whole 7″ charged with super cool energy. The riff by riff, tune by … Continue reading Under Attack – S/T

Livid – Compiled Hatred

Today I want to show you a band from Kenosha, Wisconsin. just before New Year, Livid dropped their second album “Compiled Hatred”. After detailed listening, I can say, that our guys became more brutal. Their mix of hardcore/grindcore became more wicked and furious. As usual, the main cover has a minimalistic style… but from the other side this will show you the main aggressive emotion of this full-length. Something like “hammer smashing face”, hehe. So shall we spin this LP loud?) How can I describe this album with just one word? I would use “powerful”. This duo did their best, … Continue reading Livid – Compiled Hatred