Ensa – ア​ラ​ガ​ウ

To be honest, this record was complicated to me, it was not that easy to solve this puzzle. These Japanese guys surprised me and make me think a lot, haha. But let`s start with some basic information… “ア​ラ​ガ​ウ” a new album of this wonderful mystery project. It’s very strange but the Internet has no info about this trio (?). So this LP was released by Zegema Beach Records (Canada), Catábasis Records (Spain), Loner Cult Records (Belgium). Besides the new material, this record includes the demo and live material on the b-side. I guess we can say that we have a compilation of all stuff of this band. And I think it`s the right time to tell about the complicated side of this material.

As you all know, Japan is famous for its bands, which don`t like to play a straight genre. Well, here we are… Ensa are playing a mix of neo crust, and noisy post-hardcore. Despite the fact that this music is aggressive, it’s also very dark… it’s full of sad and painful emotions. This music has almost a post-metal touch in the riffing. It sounds like they mostly play two different things. One person plays melodies and the other chords… And that makes a very unique effect like in noise rock, your subconscious will suffer because of that effect, haha! The agonizing scream fits so well here… the same with messy drums. This music is weird, full of melodies and harsh moments… To be honest I fully enjoyed this stuff. I`ll dare to say that if you love bans like Swarrrm, you will like this small noise album! Cheers!

Contacts: Ensa bancamp

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