Endorphins Lost – Night People

“Night People” is the third full-length from Endorphins Lost a grinding powerviolence band from Washington. We were lucky to get access to this piece of violence before everyone else, hehe. This album focuses on human-enforced suffering, self-induced stress, and mental destruction. Must admit, these themes are very actual, especially now. LP was released by two awesome labels To Live A Lie rec and Rotten To The Core rec. This press is limited to 500 copies, 150 on mixed marble and 350 on black, so act fast this stuff is really worth being on your shelves!

I`m pretty familiar with Endorphins Lost and their music, but this album surprised me. This is a damn “hard to swallow pill”, haha! The guys managed to create a really furious album, each song full of aggression and hate. The boys also did really wonderful studio work, the result is solid. The guitar and bass sound is killer! Blastbeats give you pleasant destructive vibrations. As for the vocals guys used two different yelling types of vocals which perfectly complement the music. But that is not all. This quintet made really different songs, among stop-and-play songs there are some more punk-oriented songs like in “Step Leap Plunge” or “The Myth of Modern Medicine”. For those who love breakdowns, there is “Glory’s Son”, for example. I`m shaking your hand guys, you beat me, haha!

This album really deserves your attention and we strongly recommend you to listen to this LP fucking loud!

Contacts: Endorphins Lost bc  /  Endorphins Lost fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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