RudeThing – Se viene galerna

“Se viene galerna” is a new mine-album of Spanish grinders RudeThing. I never heard of this band, but need to forgive me, I physically can`t cover every new release and band. So let`s see what we got here. The guys started 8 years ago in Palma city (it’s located on the island near Valencia), which shows us one thing “if you want to grind, you will find like-minded people even if you`re living on a small island”. I played this tape a couple times and figured out that our boys are big fans of hardcore. They mix it with grindcore pretty well… this music has no straight structures, which isn`t bad at all. So I propose you blast this small release with me!

Honestly, I don`t know what this noise reminds me of. I can catch some similar pieces but nothing general. Can`t say that I get this record for all 100%. RudeThing tried to combine different approaches, like dissonant guitar tricks, chaotic tempos, and a classic “play fast or don’t” rule. Some songs sound really well, and some simply fall out of the total sound mass. But that is not a bad thing, experiments, even small ones, are good. I also caught an interesting thing that makes an annoying noise effect here. Sometimes guys doubled (or it’s my imagination?) the main vocal (but in the same line), I think guys in noise rock bands use similar tricks.
Won`t say that this is an album of the year, but “Se viene galerna” is a nice small record.

Contacts: RudeThing bc  /  RudeThing fb

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