Rabid Dogs – Italian Mysteries (Eclectic Productions)

Okay boys and girls, do you like detective movies? Yes? Lovely! Then you will like this album! It has been passed 5 years since their last CD “The Octopus” and now our Italian friends are back with a new album! I can honestly say that this recording is a logical evolution of this strange band. These guys managed to surprise me, haha! These songs and sound are so unusual for a Grind band. You wont hear classical grindcore here, you won’t find super, evil, nuclear blast beats or distorted vocals… BUT this album is very interesting in its own way. Everything here is soaked with the spirit of old Italian movies, starting with the cover. The artist drew so many different characters in this picture… shit… and all together they form a skull. Hm, I must admit, that is an interesting and pretty fresh idea, for a grind release, of course. (Part 1 – the visual side). (Part 2 – noise). As I said before our friends have found a new way. Their music has changed a bit and now I can tell that they are “real rockers”, haha! Italian Mysteries is full of fuzz and good groovy energy. The guys didn’t change the Grind base but, now they`ve added more rock’n’roll and stoner riffs! Also the whole sound has changed, now it sounds more clear (theh managed to jump to the next level and that is lovely!). The guitar sound changed into some kind of buzzing creature with lots of fun riffs. Also, I can’t avoid mentioning his here they mix things up a ton with instruments like harmonica and piano (there were a few moments in the songs where these instruments created a damn good atmosphere). So if you`re open for some music experimentation, you would love this album. Oh almost forgot the “Italian Mysteries” could be a great choice for your beach party! Rating: 8.5/10 Rabid Dogs fb Official site

You can buy this CD thru Eclectic Productions

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