Last Days of Humanity!

Autumn 1989, Erwin (de Wit) and me (Hans) often came together in Soos Plock, that was en still is a sort of youthcentre where you could hang out, drink a lot of beer and see some cool bands. Bands like Blood, Agathocles, and Dreft. Bands who were into the most filthy grind/noise that was around in that time. It also was the time of some great other underground bands like Fear of God, Napalm Death, Sore Throat, Anal Cunt, 7 Minutes of Nasea. Those bands inspired us to go and make our own mind-blowing grindnoise. Erwin al ready played in a grindcore band called Fatal Error.

When Erwin organised a gig with Drudge, Agathocles and some other bands December the 30 1989 in Plock he saw the opportunity to ad our own noise project to the bill, Last Days of Humanity was born. Last days of Humanity at this time consisted of only two singers (Erwin and Hans). The “music” was made by two screaming voices that were deformed by a guitar pitch shifter.
In 1990 a real band was formed, the musical influences were Anal Cunt, fast short chaotic songs. The first real gig of Last days of Humanity was on October the 6th 1990 together with Fatal Error in Soos Plock. Then I came across a Digitech Whammy FX pedal, that could bring down the vocals with 1 or 2 octaves. Man, this is what I was looking for, vocals that sounded like a screaming pig! In 1993 we went into the studio to record our second demo, a few weeks before we met a guy who was playing in a blue’s band and he also had a small studio. When we started the recording his eye’s almost popped out of his skull and his jaw fell wide open, he couldn’t believe what was happing such sheer sonic mayhem, but after a couple cases of bier he calmed down and we finished our recording. Somewhere in 1996 we got our first record deal! Who could imagine that! We booked 2 studio days to record our first album. On the first day Erwin forgot to take his Bass guitar to the studio, luckily he didn’t forget his beer. After one day recording we only got something like 12 minutes of music, way to short for a full length CD. We had a problem, we had to come up with about 18 minutes of new material in less than 24 hours! But heey, for professional musicians like us that was no problem, the next day the rest of the album was recorded. The Label that original would release the album failed to keep it’s promises and kept us on a leas with beautiful words, than came Nicolas of bones brigade in the picture, he was starting a Label Nicolas and me were already friend for an long time, I knew him from the time that he was working for Osmose Productions, we made a deal with him and he released the first album shortly after. This story is in short the first years of last Days of Humanity. Through the following years the band had countless line up changes and after the reunie tour in 2011 it all when quit untul Rogier Kuzee contacted me and told me that he still had songs that had been recorded around the Putrefection In Progress release, those songs only needed vocals. I agreed to finish then. The first 6 song we are going to use for a split with Dutch grinders from FUBAR. It will be released by Huanted Hotel on MCD and 9″ vinyl, and on a 10″by Fatass Records. In a few months i’ll enter the studio again to record another 5 songs. Later this year i want to work on a new full lenght. Line up today is Hans Smits (vocals), Rogier Kuzee (bass). Bas van Geffen is willing to do some session gitaar when we need it. On drum we don’t have anybody at this time, we start of with a drumcomputer and when the new tracks are getting shape we are looking for a drummer, i am already in contact with Marc Palmen again to see if he want to do the drums on the new album. We have to wait and see.

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