One Day In Fukushima – Ozymandias

I remember the day when this band released their first raw demo – it was not the best piece of grind on this old planet, but back then I thought that they had potential and if they tried their best they could create something really good. Well I was right – this Ozymandias album is the best thing that I have heard from these Italian freaks. As far as I know there is a tape version too, but I only have the CD which was released by Ukrainian Eclectic prod. The design of this first full length is weird…when I … Continue reading One Day In Fukushima – Ozymandias

Rabid Dogs – Italian Mysteries (Eclectic Productions)

Okay boys and girls, do you like detective movies? Yes? Lovely! Then you will like this album! It has been passed 5 years since their last CD “The Octopus” and now our Italian friends are back with a new album! I can honestly say that this recording is a logical evolution of this strange band. These guys managed to surprise me, haha! These songs and sound are so unusual for a Grind band. You wont hear classical grindcore here, you won’t find super, evil, nuclear blast beats or distorted vocals… BUT this album is very interesting in its own way. … Continue reading Rabid Dogs – Italian Mysteries (Eclectic Productions)

Zombie Assault – Video Nasty (Eclectic Productions)

So guys we got a debut today! New band, new purulent acne on Canadian skin? ha!) But I hasten to assure you, despite a new name the guys which play in Zombie Assault have a robust experience. For example, the rhythm sections of Putrescence (R.I.P.) involved into this project. Okay, I think this design is not so great and also not impressive. BUT! You will definitely love this nice, rotten stuffing of this CD. You will have a 40-minute immersion into the dungeon to the living dead, haha! The Video Nasty stands out with a good cheerful and frisky rhythms. … Continue reading Zombie Assault – Video Nasty (Eclectic Productions)

Putrescence – Voiding Upon the Pulverized

Ha, I did not expect it’s been 4 years (or maybe even more?) since that day when Putrescence was in studio for the last time. Although it’s been a pretty long time, guys didn’t lose their might, Voiding Upon the Pulverized is the real deal! But we’ve got a bad news too… this album is the last one in their nasty history. These guys put a fat full point at the end of Putrescence way. By the way this album has a very posh design. This theme might be trite but it’s performed very well, with great quality. All this … Continue reading Putrescence – Voiding Upon the Pulverized

Rabid Dogs – The Octopus (Eclectic Productions)

This italian bunch have always amused me. They‘re music is quite unordinary. Safe to say, their signature sound is based on the scent of vintage Italian crime films in the atmosphere of their music. Yet their latest release bares a strong sense of concept and is dedicated to a good old film series (which came to my attention when I was a young kid). The motive of this film echoes not only in the sound itself, but in the artwork design. And it looks pretty cool as well. It‘s been too long since I‘ve gotten such a treat from the … Continue reading Rabid Dogs – The Octopus (Eclectic Productions)