Stheno/World Downfall (EveryDayHate)

Wow, what a grim cover (but with some certain elegance)! It is very suitable for this split, since topics that are addressed in the songs are full of darkness too. The first band on the split is a German team named World Downfall (not to be confused with the Japanese team that has same name). There is not much of a material, 2 tracks in total… But the first song helps forget this disappointment. Guys just knocked the listener off his feet with their sharp start. It’s a very cheerful metalized grindcore, with a good dense sound. With their music, they remind me of the old German tank called Tiger, which goes at full cruising speed. Speaking of the Nazis, the second track guys devoted to this topic, and it is called “Nazi Crap”, I think that the name speaks for itself. But again, once you finish listening to the side – you understand that it is not enough))) I have been familiar with the Greek band Stheno for quite some time now. This is their third release, the guys do not release stuff too often, but once a year they steadily deliver something good)) After I listened to their side, I realized that they are gradually building up power as well as move entirely from black metal. But the tracks now include a lot of thrash riffs, it can be heard especially at the beginning of “Cluttered with blood”. But I can assure you that it does not spoil anything, it just adds diversity. Songs of the Greeks are full of anger. Also, in these songs Stheno will explain to you why fanaticism is such a bad thing. 

Rating: 8/10    Stheno   World Downfall   EveryDayHate

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