Whoresnation (19.07.22)

Hi, Pibe! Every grinder needs to be in good physical shape, so, do you do morning exercises or something?)

Hey Alexander! Well, good physical shape is not really defining Whoresnation but still … My morning routine is wake & bake or go empty belly to a shitty physical job. Pick your fighter!

Finally your new album is out, what can you tell us about it? Do you happy with the final result?

Yes ! It’s finally out, it was recorded during the summer 2021, it’s called Dearth and made of 16 tracks for 20 minutes. It’s the logical following of Mephitism, it was made to come out earlier but of course, everything was slower during covid shit. I’d say it’s both more violent and more Death Metal. Again the artwork was made by Matt Sidney and it was recorded at Disvlar studio by Steph Lawansh. This time we went for an American sound style and Greg Wilkinson was in charge of mixing and mastering!

It takes you 3 years to record a new album. You were too picky about the material, or do you have some sort of crisis of creativity?

It’s different things, life evolves and makes some things “harder”. I moved 400km away from our headquarter, we’ve added a new member (Anto on bass) and everyone in the band has to deal with important life projects, jobs or whatever. Lopin is the main writer in the band and I wouldn’t say he has had any creativity phase. For example Pajarito was written right after Mephitism was released, but putting together a new album when you have to tour and promote the previous one isn’t an easy thing, this plus jobs etc. That takes 3 years. Hopefully, the next one will come out before 2025 haha.

By which bands do you inspire during writing new material? What push you to play more and more?

We’re influenced by the whole grind scene, we pick inspiration here and there and mix it with death metal vibes and our own touch and that’s it. What put us to play more and more? I don’t know but pandemics and life in general have tried to have us played less and less and it kind of worked, but we’re taking advantage of it now and will invert the situation. Passion is the engine, grindcore passion!

I saw that Bones Brigade already released “Death” on CD. But what about vinyl and tapes, which labels will release them?

Lixiviat Records is handling the LP in Europe and Carbonized Records in North America, you can order your copy from them now ! Tapes are still in the work and should be available later this year! Releasing stuffs has become a bit more challenging nowadays with the vinyl crisis and shortage of all sorts, it has made the releasing and synchronization between different formats a bit chaotic but labels have done great work and got us through this.

You returned from the USA. I bet you have a lot of stories about that epic tour. Tell us everything, we need details!

We’ve just returned from our third American tour, this time we were with our brothers Warfuck and another American band. To be honest that wasn’t the best we’ve done due to organization problems and some very poorly attended shows… but what can you do! That’s grindcore… anyways we’ve managed to have a lot of fun anyway, we’ve got to spend two days at the great Maryland Deathfest seeing old friends and watching great bands, we’ve also got to play with Nak’ay and Organ Dealer which were both killer! It was a 16-shows tour, a lot of weed was smoke, poor jokes were made, way too many drinks on the streets and floors to sleep on, 7 eleven sucks!

How do you guys usually pick the songs for the setlist for a regular Whoresnation show?

These last 4 years we mainly played Mephitism with the same order than the album, the choice was quite easy, we didn’t really want to play our older songs. But now Dearth is out it’s more difficult, we still want to play songs from Mephitism so we have to do a mix of both album, so far we have integrated the songs we are at ease with and those that are according to us the highlights of Dearth. This how we made our set for the USA. It might change anytime.
We’ve also recently played two release shows that were consisting of Dearth entirely with the same order and more bpm, that was quite intense!

Pibe, you are also involved in other projects, give us some info about Grossel and Civilian Thrower, please.

Grossel is sleeping at the moment, the mincers we are all had things going on in their lives so nothing really happening at the moment. Also Grossel and Whoresnation have actually the same lineup except for the drummer so we were all busy with the preparation and release of our new album, but the mince beast might wake up anytime! Civilian Thrower was born during pandemics and hasn’t stopped since then, we released 4 tapes so for, all diy. I’m actually answering your question from Rijeka as we are on tour with CxT, everything has been perfect so far and we are heading to OEF so we have great times ahead. More releases are supposed to come, and hopefully a first vinyl!

It’s no secret that your lyrics are oriented toward social problems. What’s the most effective way to fight the “system” and what’s the biggest problem or problems that tear humanity down, in your opinion?

I’d say direct actions and sabotage… I don’t know really, on a personal perspective I’d say that I’m more and more disillusioned and have hard time to imagine a bright future, humans are made of flesh and blood but turn out to be pieces of shit.

What is the most difficult part of your band’s activity (gigs, early waking with hangovers when you need to went somewhere, sleeping in tight vans etc)?

Lopin is handling the hardest part that is to say booking / merch / logistic etc. Everything that has to be done before anything actually happen. It’s for me the hardest part, once we’re all together in the van it starts to get easier! You’re right about comfort as well, it’s a bit challenging when you sleep like shit for 15 days, then it’s harder to cope with your bandmates as you are tired and some animosity can appear, but in our case it always remained under control and we never have had serious fights on tour, finger crossed it stays like that!
Gigs are harsh on our bodies but that’s why we are here for, so if the conditions are not to bad we usually have the best time of the day on stage.

Do you already planned new releases? It`s been a while since your last split…

Well we are a bit fed up with splits, we had a bunch planned in the past and most of them went wrong. It s really frustrating to have all your material ready and to wait years on others to have it released, so we don’t really project in those anymore. The one with Archagathus should eventually come out at some point. There are two other splits project but let’s see how it goes before announcing them. So right now we’re mostly writing for our next album!

Thank you so much for this conversation, Pibe! Do you have something to say to our readers afterward?

Thanks a lot Alex for the interview, your commitment to grind knows no limit, stay strong during this awful time… readers take care of yourself, enjoy life as much as you can and don’t forget to grind!

Contacts: Facebook page / Bancamp page


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