Nauseate / Camphora Monobromata / Archagathus

If I remember it right, this split should have been out at least two years ago, but due to some circumstance, this release was delayed. This CD unites 3 bands from the 3 biggest countries of our cursed planet. So welcome Nauseate – India, Camphora Monobromata – Russia, and Archagathus – Canada. As you may notice this is very Punk stuff. The cover is done in an old crusty style (black and white colors are the mainstay here, each band recorded their stuff on their own, this split oozes diy spirit what else can I say? Nauseate is the lucky band to open this mad pit. Their Grind is raw and nasty, in just the right way. Which is cool, because their first release was too messy and awful. This music has many primitive Grind/Mince elements like a moderate tempo, simple and catchy structure, dirty guitar sound and goofy vocals. You won’t find anything new in this material, but on the other hand these songs are not too bad. I must admit these guys have matured, they are growing as a band and that is good. Second shot – Camphora Monobromata comes in with a nice rehearsal recording. They have prepared 6 muddy tracks for this CD (and yes, it is old stuff that was recorded 3 years ago). Generally this material is cool, but the sound is too poor and raw (in my opinion), even so I felt real aggression and power through this mud. Camphora Monobromata managed to create catchy hyper-degenerated punky rhythms that could cheer your sad ass up. We have 7 Mincing tracks from the Canadian powerhouse to close out the split. Their anger comes forward straight away; the production is tight and the sound is good. Archagathus sticks to their usual formula, there are no surprises, just old and nasty riffs which will cut your head off, haha! This material is charged with a ferocious energy and it could bite. Buzzing guitar is here, the tone is right so it sounds really great. Drums are pleasantly raw and pitch shifted growling is loud. So what else do you need for a good party? Rating: 7.5/10 Nauseate Camphora Monobromata Archagathus

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE! 

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