Nauseate / Camphora Monobromata / Archagathus

If I remember it right, this split should have been out at least two years ago, but due to some circumstance, this release was delayed. This CD unites 3 bands from the 3 biggest countries of our cursed planet. So welcome Nauseate – India, Camphora Monobromata – Russia, and Archagathus – Canada. As you may notice this is very Punk stuff. The cover is done in an old crusty style (black and white colors are the mainstay here, each band recorded their stuff on their own, this split oozes diy spirit what else can I say? Nauseate is the lucky … Continue reading Nauseate / Camphora Monobromata / Archagathus

Agathocles/Nauseate split CD!

It’s no secret that Grindfather prod. is the main supplier of noise drugs for sick grindcore community. For many years this guy is doing his unholy business, a lot of bands got the opportunity to release their stuff and become more popular thanks to this noise/chaos tenement. This time I’m reviewing new split of Agathocles/Nauseate! First band who introduced their music is the kings of the self-proclaimed style “mincecore” Belgian old grind-maniacs Agathocles! They were really generous this time to attach 15 sixteen-old tracks. Everyone of us know how legendary this band is. My speakers jumps along these good ol’ hits! Essentially … Continue reading Agathocles/Nauseate split CD!