Haggus / Inopexia / Pulmonary Fibrosis

I really love when a few nasty bands gather together and do splits or compilation or whatever. Originally this is an old split, it was released on tape a year go. Hard to understand why, but that wasn`t enough for the bands and labels, so they decided to release a vinyl version of it as well. This fresh release has different cover art and was released on a heavy one sided LP. The new art is so fucking cool, it looks a million times better than the old cheesy corpse art, ha! The guys from Rudolph (Рудольф) band did a … Continue reading Haggus / Inopexia / Pulmonary Fibrosis

Nauseate / Camphora Monobromata / Archagathus

If I remember it right, this split should have been out at least two years ago, but due to some circumstance, this release was delayed. This CD unites 3 bands from the 3 biggest countries of our cursed planet. So welcome Nauseate – India, Camphora Monobromata – Russia, and Archagathus – Canada. As you may notice this is very Punk stuff. The cover is done in an old crusty style (black and white colors are the mainstay here, each band recorded their stuff on their own, this split oozes diy spirit what else can I say? Nauseate is the lucky … Continue reading Nauseate / Camphora Monobromata / Archagathus

Camphora Monobromata – Suffering Amongst The Hostile Walls (No Bread rec)

Are you on the hunt for some Punk fueled Grind in the vein of Agathocles and Rot? Well then, Camphora Monobromata is the band that you are looking for! Today I will cover the latest full length from this Russian band. This piece of putrid noise was released by No Bread Records in wonderful digi-pack format. The gloomy art is a projection of the whole album… somehow this image looks scary, Jon (the artist) did a great job.  Song by song, these guys are proving that they are one of the finest Grind band’s in Russia. The riffs are primitive, … Continue reading Camphora Monobromata – Suffering Amongst The Hostile Walls (No Bread rec)

Endotoxaemia / Carnal Trash (Garbage Bondage Records)

Gore is the law! Today we will follow this nasty rule. Today`s victim is a smelly tape release with two good and interesting bands. Here is some info for you boys and girls… Both bands consist of only one human, so keep in mind all this noise came from only one dirty mind. Endotoxaemia is a creation of Vitaly Struchkov (Bryansk/Russia) and Carnal Trash is the ugly child of Christian Badia (Argentina). Both sides have 11 minutes of really filthy Goregrind. Now let’s open this rotten boil and let the pus free! So, first we have Endotoxaemia. The opening song, … Continue reading Endotoxaemia / Carnal Trash (Garbage Bondage Records)

Cystoblastosis – Post-Mortem Examination Of Putrid Corpse (Cemitério Records)

Ah, finally my slow ass managed to take time to take a closer look at this album. Russian Mincegore band Cystoblastosis have grown so much, and now they are pretty famous in noise underground. So after tons of splits, these guys finally recorded their first (hopefully not last) full length album. Speaking about “Post-Mortem Examination Of Putrid Corpse”, let’s open the jewel case and look inside. Well what can I say? The whole design is “classic” and sick, I’m sure that it can make somebody vomit, haha! There is a lot of rotten and disgusting human guts and meat on … Continue reading Cystoblastosis – Post-Mortem Examination Of Putrid Corpse (Cemitério Records)