Ona Snop / Chinsniffer

Attention hardcore freaks! This noise will melt your mind! This double attack from UK became a very pleasant and positive surprise for me. The noise inside is unusual and very crazy, the effect of these tunes can be compared to strong hallucinogenic drugs, haha! Just look at the cover and you will understand what I’m talking about. The image reminds me of some classic pieces by Salvador Dali. The artist who had drawn this was surely not sober and mad, haha! This short story begins with 4 songs of Ona Snop. The shy guys from Leeds managed to kick my ass with really punchy music, haha! From the very beginning (with Working Alcoholic) everything accelerates to a critical and dangerous speed. Ona Snop used different approaches which made their music very strange and nice. You will find the fast tempos of fastcore, swinging and catchy moments of hardcore, ugly and hysterical yelling of powerviolence. And these ingredients are covered with strong sound of guitar, drums and bass guitar. Hail to ferocity! Liverpool maniacs are the next in line. Well when I heard these 2 songs the first time I thought my mind had collapsed. I was asking myself “what the hell was that?!”, haha!) Chinsniffer is a really weird mix of hardcore/free jazz (?)/punk/noise and grindcore. Everything revolves in a chaotic manner with slow/fast tempos. In my opinion this music stands out. Not the greatest bass sound or fast drums, the main thing here is the crazy sounding saxophone and keyboards in the background. Chinsniffer – highly concentrated insanity of Great Britain! Rating: Ona Snop 8/10 Chinsniffer 8.5/10

This split was released by: Vleesklak Records, Black Lake Records, Omega Warfare Records, Gronk! Records, Automne Records

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