Abanglupa – Of Rats And Swine

What do you know about the extreme music scene in the Philippines? Today I want to share with you an awesome debut of Abanglupa. First of all, we have here a duo, two blood-related brothers who decided to fight back against the system. The music of this band is also a form of protest against the ruling government of Rodrigo Duterte. As a result, 10 songs of dynamic gloomy metal hardcore with crust vibes, that are bursting with energy and rage. Intriguing, isn’t it?

This music is a bloody good punch right into the head! Loud, fast and aggressive… guys managed to transform their emotions and anger into music vibration and frequencies. This wicked mess will surprise you with good quality and a pleasant variety of riffs and tempos. The guitar tone is sharp and dangerous, drums are well-recorded and clear enough (so you can catch a lot of small elements and beats). Vocal is truly pissed off… it’s also very emotional, which brings more points to this music. And let’s don’t forget a dystopian atmosphere that is hard to find in hardcore at this boring nowadays.

Awesome debut, strongly recommended by GGGG!

Contacts:  Abanglupa fb 

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. You can buy the Japanese version through Esagoya rec or the Euro version through Helldog rec.

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