Mondo Podre – Necronomía de Subexistencia

May 13, the year 2022, Mondo Podre released their new work “Necronomía de Subexistencia”. This CD came to my hands at the end of last year… but because of oblivious reasons, I find time to write about it only now. So who are Mondo Podre? These are 5 guys from Spain who are 100% into deathgrind stuff. This album has 14 songs and very strange art, which I can’t decipher. But I guess the main idea is that modern technology will destroy us.

This is pretty solid work, with nice production and live energy. Of course, like many bands in this genre guys throw a wall of riffs and heavy sound right on the listeners. But here is what caught my attention. The bass here is extremely good, it`s loud, crispy, and unstoppable. Also the song “La Guardia de la Muerte” surprised me with the cowbell sound, that was unexpected and cool. This is a nice record but in my opinion, guys are using too many death metal riffs… that`s why the album has lack variety it starts to sound the same somewhere in the half… But “Necronomía de Subexistencia” is still worth your attention.

Contacts: Mondo Podre fb  /  Mondo Podre bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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