Monnier – S​/​T

So today we prepared a very interesting LP for you. Today we`re gonna talk about a double EP of Monnier. This is an international duo grindcore project by Jasper Swerts of Infested Arts / Arrogänt / Days Of Desolation and Makiko of Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation. So all in all we got 16 songs of very powerful grindcore, the first 8 songs from EP2 and 8 from the self-titled debut EP. You may know that both members are artists, so it`s obvious that both cover arts belong to them (the black one was made by Makiko + Jasper and the red one by Jasper). Must confess, both drawings look gloomy and fantastic, especially the one from the first EP (Japanese witches/ghosts are the best)!

I bet it`s hard to run such a long-distance project, but our friends managed to do it, and the result is very impressive. Where do I start, hmm… So to be short this is the “right into the face” portion of modern grindcore. An excellent deep and clean sound, also great work with a whole production! Interesting and memorable riffs and guitar sound, of course. Drums sound nice too, if I understand it right all instruments were recorded by Jasper. But don’t underestimate Makiko, because she did a perfect job with vocals. Once I was lucky to see that lady in action, and must say she has a really powerful voice, ha! So as I said the result of such collaboration is amazing! Everything sound truly good and if you`ll dare to spin this record you will get a huge portion of fucking aggression energy, so play it loud!

Recommended by GGGG!

Contacts: Monnier bc / Monnier fb

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