Horornisdiphonevalley / SlothPhantomMoth

Monday is always a boring and slow day, especially if your work sucks. As a solution, I can propose a strong dose of grindcore. For today’s treatment we`ll use a wonderful split with Japanese one-man-band Horornisdiphonevalley and Swedish squad SlothPhantomMoth. All together we have here 19 tracks of freaking loud mess. CD has a nice design and it even has an OBI, what a nice touch! Of course, you will find additional info in a booklet and so on, but that is not so important, because now we gonna roll this badass record!

The first 9 songs belong to a weird grind band from Tokyo. This is a second release for Horornisdiphonevalley and must say they didn`t disappoint. Decent wall of sound, great sound work and production. Bass and guitar are loud and have a buzzing taste. The vocal is evil as fuck + the drum section is good too (I know that these aren’t real drums, what da hell, that sound really good). But I can’t forget about additional effects like different synths moments. Some songs are pure grindcore, and some have more metal in them (like 虹の轍). That`s why I think that many of you will find something yours in this noise!

SlothPhantomMoth is a newcomer. Of course, this is their debut material, and it would be wrong to criticize them too much. Generally, we have here a good example of Swedish grindcore. Fast aggressive and unstoppable material, with not the worst sound. The guys managed to create a lot of interesting riffs and tempos. You can find a lot of blast beat parts, some d-beat, and everything you want (except jazz of course). But there are some that things SlothPhantomMoth needs to work on. It`s general production and sound level… Everything else is great! Must say that this is a strong debut, and I will definitely wait for the new records because guys have great potential!

Contacts: Horornisdiphonevalley / SlothPhantomMoth bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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