Yakisoba ‎– Corporis Humani Anatomiae

I don`t remember how many reviews about Yakisoba`s stuff I made, but these guys still producing more and more noise, ha! Today I have something special to write about. This is a huge (70 songs!) compilation of their early works. “Corporis Humani Anatomiae” is limited to 100 copies and this release has a really awesome look! A small book with a lot of ancient engraving, additional info, and patch as a bonus! I will be honest, this stuff brings me a lot of joy.
So what will you find here? This CD includes the first two EPs “Mandatory Amputation”
and “Embryonic Oozing”, also there are songs from splits with Golem Of Gore, Botched Anastomosis J-Pouch, Sebum Excess Production, Ultimate Torture Of Modern Music 4 way split, The Ecstasy Of Premeditated Violent Death EP (very beautiful tape btw), split with Ptoma and 5 last songs that were taken from various compilations. Solid isn`t it?

The music part of this release is different, different in quality and material. Yes the song formula is the same, and everything made in one genre but… you will be witnesses of Yakisoba evolution. With years riff became stronger and sound deeper and nastier.
Talking about the riffs, they are always short and positively primitive, the drums are digital, but they are not annoying at all. Of course, guys used a pitch-shifted type of vocal… As you can see we have here a classical kit for a nice gore release. I think that the best sound and material this band made with their split with Ptoma (songs 56-64), so don’t forget to check it!
You won’t find anything outstanding or new, this is an old and good goregrind, but that what I love in this genre!

Rating: 8/10  Yakisoba bc    Yakisoba fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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