Ona Snop – Intermittent Damnation

What comes to your mind when you hear about the town “Leeds”? Personally, for me, it`s fastcore and powerviolence sub-genres. Why? Because this is a mysterious place of power, there are so many cool bands that came from that town. Someday I will definitely visit that spot and will try to figure out what the hell is going there ;). As you may understand today’s review is about local (I mean for Leeds) band Ona Snop and its second full length “Intermittent Damnation”. I already made few reviews about their previous stuff and these guys never disappointed me, but let see what this new material is all about.
The visual side of this LP is more than weird, haha! It looks like it was made under drugs or something, this very schizophrenic art. But this image can describe the music of Ona Snop, so can be prepared, ha!

Musically this LP is pleasantly crazy. Guys did it again, haha! Fast & short songs, good sound, and stupidly furious energy, that are only a few things that you will get. Actually, this music is not something straight, this is a cool mix of grindcore, fastcore, and hardcore punk. There are a variety of guitar riffs and drum beats too. This album sounds punchy, catchy, and unboring too. I love the combo of the blast beats and fuzzing guitars, that mess sound killer! Oh yes, guys didn’t forget about a punk, this music has a lot of great punk vides. Crunchy bass and loud yellings are in the pot too. “Intermittent Damnation” has all the main components of a good extreme record.

If you are looking for a good cheerful album, to kick your mood, try this LP, I`m sure this noise will fire you up!  

Rating: 8.5/10    Ona Snop bc    Ona Snop fb

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