Embalming Theatre – Exquisite Cadaveric Hormon Cocktail (Power It Up)

This tape had to take a long trip from Germany (nice people from Power it Up send it to me) before eventually falling into my tape player, hehe)). This is not a new record but it is definitely a pretty nice and lovely tape. It is sort of a dreadful monster pregnant with two very ugly babies… “Exquisite Cadaveric Hormon Cocktail” absorbed songs from the mini album “Hormones From The Dead” and the split-CD with Torture Incident. In total we have 20 songs about different strange, horror, nasty and creepy things. The tape comes with both cover artworks so that you can choose which one to display on the front. And by the way, both covers look fantastic… It’s another perfect work by Marco (Vocals). Everything is drawn by hand and it’s really insane… Good and spooky work. Let’s now focus on the music.
These Swiss bloodsuckers really love scary things. In their songs they use many dark themes like stories about butchers and other different maniacs. There’s even a song about Wendigo (a creature from Indian mythology). I know that many grind freaks believe that this gang is boring and not original but personally, I found many interesting things in these noises. Okay, maybe their material is not super extreme and the overall speed is not ultra-duper-blasting. However, the gloomy rhythms and the dark low sound are nice. I like the way these guys mix death metal with goregrind… Especially old school death metal guitar riffs. The ugly roaring vocals make these songs even more monstrous, haha! I must also mention the good work of the drummer. Maybe he is not hyper technical but his “tupa tupa” and blast beats will pound your brain like a jackhammer.
I hope to hear some new stuff by these noisy butchers. For now, let’s enjoy this compilation.
Rating: 8/10 Embalming Theatre fb EM official site

Grab your copy at Power It Up 

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