Sociopathic Behavior – Horrific Creation Of Murderous Desires

Today we gonna talk about the international grind project Sociopathic Behavior. A part of it is located in Brazil, the other one in Italy… this is a pretty old-school type of grindcore, with a good raw sound and nasty lyrics. “Horrific Creation Of Murderous Desires” is their first full-length… this album was released at the beginning of this shitty year. But actually, they got my attention with their debut EP “Hunting Humans”…I was really surprised by this mix of two schools of grind. As you know Brazilian grindcore is very specific (it`s raw, very DIY, especially mastering/production), and Italian school has a more traditional grindcore sound and structures. But enough of this mumbling, let’s roll these songs loud!

From the begging, from the first note, this grind hooks you up with its primitive brutality and energy. Everything here is well-balanced, even if it sounds raw. Great guitar work, same with the drums and vocals. This small album plunges you into another world, a world of sick riffs and crazy stories. You also won’t notice the time during the listening, only a second passes from the beginning to the end of the album. And that means a lot, that gives us an understanding of what this album is. This is a pure and wicked joy! I am really glad that I have this record in my collection. Play this shit loud kids, you won’t regret it!

Contacts: Sociopathic Behavior bc

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