Järnbörd – Gör om, gör fel

After 4 years of silence Swedish grind commando Järnbörd are back with new material. Gör om, gör fel (Do it again, do it wrong) is the first full length of this wonderful band. What can I say, I was confused by the cover art, it`s hard to believe that such a beautiful photo can hide something that wild, haha!
Swedish quality and power, the bands from that country never disappointed. On this CD you will find 10 (+bonus) tracks of freaking furious grindcore with brand sound, and at this point, I could finish but…

The energy of this record is amazing, this massive punch will charge your depressed ass! Awesome work with sound and all production. The guitar and bass sound so evil and heavy, this buzzing mess almost the same dangerous as the saw in the hands of  Leatherface, haha! The vocal sounds really fresh and pissed off (same with the back vocals), I like that guys didn`t use regular growl, the vocal sounds more in a hardcore style, and this element brings a lot of atmosphere to this album. Drums are massive, yes I heard that guys used triggers, but the whole drum sound is not overloaded with it. Cymbals are bright and the snare sound has old school sound. Järnbörd did their best, and I really enjoyed this record!

If you`re a grindcore fan, don`t dare to skip this album, I bet that “Gör om, gör fel” will blow your mind!

Rating: 8.5/10    Järnbörd bc    Järnbörd fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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