Split Agathocles/ Embalming Theatre is up for pre-order!

Agathocles Edition is limited to 100 copies in violet/brown/yellow vinyl 20 years after both bands made a split EP, now for the 20th anniversary, a new split LP. 8 songs by AGATHOCLES feat. Joe from ARCHAGATHUS! Listen to this very special collaboration and hear Agathocles in ways you’ve never heard before. EMBALMING THEATER with 11 new and exclusive attacks. Get new crazy and macabre stories like “Convert the Lions to Christianity” and 2 cover songs (Gruesome Stuff Relish and Rotting Christ). The work of art is again created by Darken Art, sensational, imposing. The Split LP comes in an inside out design plus a beautifully worked up leaf. Make your pre-order at www.power-it-up.de

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