1st Class Collapse / Wreck

Germans well know only by their beer or great sausages, this is also a motherland for many awesome grind bands! Just a year ago I was drinking beer at Grind Here Right Now festival where I met 1st Class Collapse and Wreck, and look what we have now. A split tape with both bands, cute isn`t it?)  Must admit this is a highly concentrated grindcore release, actually, I didn`t expect such kicking ass shit, haha!

The beginners 1st Class Collapse does not fuck around, they punch you with a straight, fast, and pumping grindcore. This music is furious as fuck, I think think this is the best part of this work. Sound and blast beats are ok, everything was recorded without fuck ups, this mess has all grindcore attributes. But that is nothing without true spirit. Guys playing with fire and honest aggression… I think that is most important.

Wreck side is a bit different. This band uses more modern approaches. The sound is dense, sharp and clean. Songs have more groove structure, which is cool too, all tracks sound cheerful. But don’t be fooled, because all that noise is a killer! Great distorted guitars, fast blast beats, and few different vocals. That what you will get here. I think that guys did their best with this recording session!

Rating: 8/10  1st Class Collapse bc      Wreck bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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