Violent Frustration – Peace Was Never An Option (RØDEL Records)

Every year I discover a lot of new bands, sometimes interesting, sometimes not. This year’s list of “bands to discover” has Germans Violent Frustration. Just recently, they delivered a new album “Peace Was Never An Option”. This kicked my lazy ass and I decided to write a few words about the LP. Violent Frustration is a very young band, but it does not prevent them playing very good old school grindcore.
Starting from its name and ending with art, the album is totally relevant. Hell, probably we are all already tired of this damn war theme, but what can you do. More and more minds and territories is absorbed by this damn war machine of death((( But let us return to the cover picture, I really liked the idea of the artist. That is a good mockery of the damned politicians, organizations and countries that yell for peace, but never hesitate to push the red button. The cover depicts a dove of peace, crucified with nails. and on the hats of these nails, if you look closely, you will see the flags of various “peace-loving” countries and organizations. If you turn this record around you will see a continuation of the first picture. Here it shows the skeleton of a child holding a weapon and trying to reach to a flying dove … brrrr, terrible picture.
Peace Was Never An Option holds 16 tracks. Guys do not have to reinvent the wheel and, as I have already mentioned, just play a very nice, old-school stuff. Listening to this album, I was thinking of good old 90’s bands. There is no ultra speed, no sound experiments and other stuff … guys just make some descent pressure. Nice low buzzy guitar, rough scream, and a clear rhythm section. Violent Frustration is like the old steam engine on cruising speed that makes everything around vibrate with its noise, hehe)
It is worth mentioning that this was released by the old and time-tested German label RØDEL Records – their boss has a very good taste.
Rating: 8/10       Violent Frustration fb       Roedel records

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