Greenmachine – S/T

In the fall of 2020 Japanese legends, Greenmachine showed us a few previous tracks from their new album. These songs were really nice and they also were charged with a massive portion of positive vibes. So I waited and waited, at first, guys released a vinyl version, as you may understand it`s hard to get it from Japan due to some circumstances. So I was super happy to find out that my homies from RobusFellow are making CD and tape versions. Both local versions look so bloody good, I really didn`t expect so top quality of production and sound. This shit is simply must-have!
The cover art of this self-titled album reminds me some kind of coat of arms. Magic creature, the sun, stars, and so on. Everything looks like a good old image of the flag from the far far away kingdom.

If we will compare this album to the early works of this band, we may be surprised how different they sound now. But I think it will be smarter to split the discography into 2 periods. This second period is a bit faster, the sound is not so overloaded with gloomy heaviness and it simply more positive. Our album is full of a great portion of hardcore punk, doom, rockNroll, and stoner. The guys managed to create a perfect robust mix with interesting riffs, tempos, sound, and many other things! Some songs have more punk than doom, some are more atmospheric and slow. I think I can highlight few songs that I like the most. It`s “Ghost of Narcissistic” – this is simply a super cool tribute to Motorhead. Pretty slow “Dragon`s Sorrow” and very bright ending of the album – (孤絶 (Kozetsu))!

“Greenmachine” is a great album for those who love hardcore and sludge, for those who love heavy metal or grindcore! This noise will make you bang your head!

Rating: 8.5/10  Greenmachine fb    Greenmachine bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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