Days of Desolation / Travolta

I must say that this is a very nice split… All together 8 labels have united to make the world see this release, by the way, this 10″ had been waiting in queue at the factory for a long period of time (but all those who was waiting for these release won’t regret it anyway). The artwork is very cool, I see the hand of the master who’s name is Jasper Swerts (Infested Art) just at the first look. By the way, it was a nice surprise for me that this talented guy currently plays in Days of Desolation. Maybe, we should end our fast check, but no, wait, I’ve forgotten, there is a lyric sheet for all people who love to read the lyrics (it would lessen the hunger of those who want to know about the deepness of lyrical sides of this music). Side A, band: Days of Desolation. Fuck yeah! The guys had kicked my ass just as the first riff have hit, hahaha! Just an amazing introduction which transforms into an aggressive massacre. Guys don’t care too much about their arms (or legs as for the drummer), nor their throats. The material sounds very vivid and tasty. There is a lot of agressive parts which make you wonna have some bruises in the moshpit. But this crustgrind is also embellished by the melody, and trust me, this shit suits overall sound very well. Side B, band: Travolta. As far as I understand, this is a debut work of this band (so I won’t be to strict with it). For its first baby they have recorded 10 songs (as I know it is one good belgium guy Brame (Vleekskak Rec) is the person who helped to record them). I think that if you look through the band’s name you will simply recognise that this is the band close to a new wave of powerviolence. But there isn’t so much pv here, guys mix it well with grindcore/fastcore and punk. Quite good recording and the sound too, the guys have made their best in order not to fuck shit up. The material is rabid, aggressive and full of energy. Good speed though the songs aren’t very various, but they are cheerful enough. I won’t describe all that casual pack of ingredients in such music in details (sorry), but I can say that I really enjoy the bass sound. 😉
Rating: Days of Desolation – 9/10 Travolta – 8/10

Grab a copy thru Vleesklak Records or thru Roedel records

Labels which release this split: Loner Cult Records, Rødel Records, Up The Punx, Neanderthal-Stench, Deaf Death Husky Records, Vleesklak Records, We Told You To Play Fast Records, Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records

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