Carol Ann – Discography

Carol Ann was a wonderful band from Phoenix (Arizona)… These guys were active for only 7 years, but they have left a good trace in the sludge history. If I remember right they only have two 7″ (one of them was split with Noothgrush) and a demo. But in 1999 a had another recording session that was never released. Thanks to Grindfather prod, we have the opportunity to check all stuff of this wicked band. So this discography tape contains 17 songs of really toxic and aggressive material. I`ll be damn, but I am really happy to have this release … Continue reading Carol Ann – Discography

Rato Triste – Choked By My Own Dreams

Just from the heart of the Czech Republic – Rato Triste! Filthy, loud, and super heavy sludge brigade from Prague! But that`s not all, this band has badass guys from Controlled Existence, Morbid Angel Dust, Sick Destroyer etc… so as you see these members know how to play not only slow music. But let`s get back to “Choked By My Own Dreams”. This is their debut full-length, it contains only 4 songs but believes me, this material will smash you… It also has a cool design, actually, it suits more for grindcore releases, but I see no problem here. I … Continue reading Rato Triste – Choked By My Own Dreams