Golem of Gore​/​Lipoma

I think there is no need for a long introduction. Both bands became pretty famous in the last few years… But I want to highlight that this split CD contains really top shit! Golem Of Gore (Italy) and Lipoma (USA) did their best! So let`s start with G.O.G. side! Holy shit! This is a really heavy one… This noise could be compared with the creature from the Blob movie, this huge mess will crash you and melt your bones! You can disagree with me, but I think the idea to add a guitar player was damn right! The sound became … Continue reading Golem of Gore​/​Lipoma

Depopulation Department – Starvation

What do you know about the Spanish crust punk scene? They have so many cool bands, and even newcomers are playing bloody good stuff! I can`t say that Depopulation Department is new in this deal, this band consists of real veterans of the scene (Avulsed, Haemorrhage, Ultimo Gobierno). Last year these guys released a new mini-album “Starvation”… this work has 8 songs of the harsh unstoppable crust. There are no dark melodies, stupid samples, weird additional instruments, and other modern things… we have here just straight angry, and fast music! To be honest, these are pretty brutal tunes, and I … Continue reading Depopulation Department – Starvation

Massgrav – Slowly We Rock

Last year Swedish rock stars Massgrav released their 5th album. “Slowly We Rock” became pretty popular, must admit this is their most punk-n-roll work and I love it very much. This record even won a local punk award (cool isn`t it?)! I already said about punk, but our heroes didn`t lose their crazy energy. They are fast and furious as always but this time you will be surprised by cool solos, nice genre twists, and so on. I can tell you only one thing, I love to play this CD when all my neighbors are home, haha! This album is … Continue reading Massgrav – Slowly We Rock

Vomitoma / Urine Festival

Okay, boys and girls today we have something really nasty. This 7″ is full of filth and perversions. From one side we have dirty gorenoise from Vomitoma and from another lost and found tracks from the legendary cybergore duo Urine Festival! I think this is a great present for all harsh maniacs! So let`s taste it! The US part of this split is remarkable in its dense sound and pitch-shifter vocals. Short but loud songs will slice your brain piece by piece. Down-tuned bass on the background making this mess really monstrous, and the drum-machine sound will drill your mind … Continue reading Vomitoma / Urine Festival

Turtle Rage – Early Years

Turtle Rage is a German fastcore/thrashcore band that is making nice and fast music and it also using a lot of Ninja Turtles temes in their music/arts. So to do this review I ordered a pizza, ahaha! So what this LP is all about? This is a compilation of the early works of this squad, all in all, we have 62 tracks. But not only music of Turtle Rage brings joy, just look at the cover art, I bet it will make you smile or laugh. So what you`ll say? Let`s start, right? I don`t know how about you guys … Continue reading Turtle Rage – Early Years

FesterDecay – Carcasses Revenge

FesterDecay is a Japanese grind machine that was formed 8 years ago. The boys profess the cult of the old-school genres like gore, death metal, and grindcore. In the first two years, they released two demos that were re-released by Grindfather prod last year. Carcasses Revenge consists of raw material that was recorded in 2016-2017, all in all, 10 songs of pure brutality and fun! This cover art is a tribute to the iconic “Reek of Putrefaction” album. Absolutely disgusting collage of many humans remains… that will definitely scare “normal people”, haha! Generally, material from both demos was created in … Continue reading FesterDecay – Carcasses Revenge

Needful Things / Controlled Existence

So we have today a 100% Czech release. From one side we have real legends/veterans Needful Things from Pardubice and a bit younger band Controlled Existence from Prague. This LP was released by Psychocontrol rec (Czech Republic) and I think everything was manufactured in their local factory (not a fact it`s just my guess). Needful Things are active since 1995, during all these years guys made a lot of recordings. Must say most of them are top-notch stuff. Same with this split, their material sounds so dense and monstrous. But I won’t say that these songs are overloaded with blastbeats … Continue reading Needful Things / Controlled Existence

Emphysematous Excretion of Gangrenous Debridement / Empyaema

Gore time! I propose you to spin a very nasty split LP with me. Right now on my slipmat is lying record with Emphysematous Excretion of Gangrenous Debridement and Empyaema. These are guys from the USA and both bands are playing goregrind but in different styles. I guess that won`t tell you anything but please be patient. As 99% of releases of this genre, this split has super disgusting art with hundreds of human parts, I would say this is a pretty classic look. But the main case is about music. E.E.O.G.D. is a duo, this project consists of Andrew … Continue reading Emphysematous Excretion of Gangrenous Debridement / Empyaema

Endless Bore – Drive Not Detected

A new mini-album from Australian hardcore hooligans Endless Bore has not left my player for several days. This work is pure fire… The guys managed to record very catchy stuff. I`m absolutely in love with “Drive Not Detected”! The whole material was released as 12″ by Grindhead rec. I have a feeling that artist was influenced by old punk and hardcore when he drew this art. Everything here looks simple but very bright. I simply love it! This is not just an album, this is fucking music destruction! The energy, atmosphere, and everything here are screaming! This music will charge … Continue reading Endless Bore – Drive Not Detected

Teething – Help

Teething is one of the bands from a new wave of grindcore. These guys are mixing different genres in their music. For example, a second album (this one) has 14 songs of hardcore-infused grindcore for fans of Napalm Death and Biohazard or the late Agnostic Front. These guys also have their special character, which they have been using for some of their artworks. The whole design has a pleasant pink color, gatefold same as a CD booklet looks really awesome. You will find there all lyrics and all the additional info. Hmm, this album is truly loud with some unexpected … Continue reading Teething – Help

Cystgurgle / Hit​-​Run Drivers / Metrorrhagia / Pyosis

Let`s blast this boring morning with solid gore tunes! Right now I`m putting a massive 4-way split in my old Harman Kardon FL8350. A split that will wake up my neighbors and me, haha! We have here Cystgurgle from Thailand, Hit​-​Run Drivers, Metrorrhagia, and Pyosis from the different corners of the USA. So let`s begin! Cystgurgle starts with a dirty wall of blastbeats and ultra-distorted vocals. This material is more gorenoise (dark side) of this band. Everything is messed up, the guitar is horribly cluttered, you can only hear the sonorous sound of the snare drum (actually, it sounds more … Continue reading Cystgurgle / Hit​-​Run Drivers / Metrorrhagia / Pyosis

Rumor Kontrol – Here Are The Facts

Monday is for powerviolence! This genre has a long history, it has its own heroes and stars. This genre is still popular there are a lot of new bands and Rumor Kontrol is one of them. To be accurate this is not a straight pv, it has a lot of old-school hardcore and grindcore. But anyway looks like this band (and the label which released it) is very much in DIY movement. Look at this tape, the label Let Them Eat Tapes made everything very simple but interesting. Especially I love the print on the cassettes it looks delicious! This … Continue reading Rumor Kontrol – Here Are The Facts

Extreme Decay – Downfall Of A God Complex

Extreme Decay is a legendary grindcore band from Indonesia. Last year became for them very productive and a landmark, they released a new album. This band is far from Agathocles (if you know what I mean) so every new record is like a good present for the fans. But let`s go back to “Downfall Of A God Complex”. The guys managed to record 22 new songs, and this stuff is really solid! Also, I want to admit that this record sounds very well, the material is not amateurish or goofy, we have here serious grindcore. Grindcore with good lyrics, lyrics … Continue reading Extreme Decay – Downfall Of A God Complex

Jardim De Flores – Defloraison

This is not a new release but I found it interesting. Korean grindcore is a pretty rare thing. That`s why I want to share this record with you guys. After the first spin, I had a strong feeling that I heard this style before. These structures and furious tunes were familiar to me. So I started digging and found out that Jardim De Flores is a project of a real grind veteran Hoonee Jo (Mortalized, Takafumi Matsubara, Banran). The puzzle was complete! This EP was released more than 3 years ago and since that Hoonee Jo didn`t record anything new. … Continue reading Jardim De Flores – Defloraison

V​ô​mito / Traqueomalacia

Brazilian gore has its special sound and atmosphere, the same as grindcore and crust. The scene of that beautiful country is pretty unique, some people love it some no… but personally I`m a big fan of Brazilian grind. For this shiny morning, I want to spin a disgusting split with legendary V​ô​mito and Traqueomalacia. After a long lethargic sleep, V​ô​mito are back with new songs. This is their first recording since 2000. I have to warn you, this is pretty raw stuff, with not perfect production and sound. But this bare material shows you the soul of the band. Simple … Continue reading V​ô​mito / Traqueomalacia

Nasum – Blasting Shit To Bits

Without a doubt, Nasum is a legend of the grindcore world. These guys left a huge heritage for the next generations. I bet that many fans were happy when Selfmadegod rec announced DVD and then a full recording of the last show of Nasum. Back in 2012 guys gathered again and made a huge tour in memory of Mieszko. The final gig was held at Debaser Medis in Stockholm, Sweden October 6, of the same year. That night guys played 33 best songs from the band’s discography. Keijo (Rotten Sound) joined the team as a vocalist. In my opinion that … Continue reading Nasum – Blasting Shit To Bits

Lipoma – Horrors of Pathology

For today`s review, I picked up an interesting project from New York / USA. Lipoma is a young one-man band, that started in 2021. Just for the short period that dude released 13 (holy shit) releases. “Horrors of Pathology” was released last year by Grand Vomit Productions. Must say that this work hooked me up with its unusual approach… but I will tell you about it a bit later. The cover art of this full-length 100% matches the album title and band name… What a horrible pathology! Like I say before this is unusual stuff. Lipoma used a lot of … Continue reading Lipoma – Horrors of Pathology

Massive Gore Bulge – 4 Years of Filthy Malodorous Dedication to Rotting Mephitic Pandemonium

Massive Gore Bulge was a gore project that was based in Chicago / Illinois. For the few years of activity, these people recorded a fucking ton of material. Canadian Sick rec carefully collected all songs (more than 200) and released them in a very interesting digipack. This is the biggest digi that I have ever seen! 8-panel monster, 3 CDs, and an ultra disgusting design. Human remains, dead fetuses, and huge amounts of body parts… what a mess, haha! But what did you expect to see here? This is gore! This massive release contains all splits, EP and all stuff … Continue reading Massive Gore Bulge – 4 Years of Filthy Malodorous Dedication to Rotting Mephitic Pandemonium


Finally, I`m holding this split. Without a doubt, this is a really powerful and beautiful release. Two solid Spanish bands in one record nice deal, isn`t it? There is no question about these guys but what about the visual part? I won`t lie I’m not a big fan of the picture disc format, but this LP changed my mind. The design is super nasty and wonderful, there are so many details… You can look at it for hours and find new and new things. As for the sound I was pleasantly surprised, everything sounds well. Let`s start our audio autopsy … Continue reading Nashgul/Teething

Livid – Compiled Hatred

Today I want to show you a band from Kenosha, Wisconsin. just before New Year, Livid dropped their second album “Compiled Hatred”. After detailed listening, I can say, that our guys became more brutal. Their mix of hardcore/grindcore became more wicked and furious. As usual, the main cover has a minimalistic style… but from the other side this will show you the main aggressive emotion of this full-length. Something like “hammer smashing face”, hehe. So shall we spin this LP loud?) How can I describe this album with just one word? I would use “powerful”. This duo did their best, … Continue reading Livid – Compiled Hatred

Morgue Tar – Immersed in Mortiferous Enmities

Texas gore warriors are back with a brand new album! “Immersed in Mortiferous Enmities” consists of 21 songs of a really nasty gore/d-beat. But guys created not the only ugly tunes, just look at this cover art! Holy shit, these slimy remains, and maggots look so disgusting, haha! But that`s how everything works with this genre. I think these guys became faster, and I definitely like this “new” Morgue Tar. That is cool that guys used a minimum of instruments… just distorted bass and drums. Nothing else, ah yes of course we have here a pitch-shifted puking style of vocal. … Continue reading Morgue Tar – Immersed in Mortiferous Enmities

Putrefaction Sets In – Repugnant Inception of Decomposing Paroxysm

When I first heard about this band, I was really surprised. Guys from Expurgo, Regurgitate and Lymphatic Phlegm joined together to record something monstrous! I waited and waited, but finally, the guys released everything at the beginning of this horrible year. Believe me, this album is awesomely disgusting and full of putrid tunes. Your neighbors will love these 14 songs, just play them loud, haha! “Repugnant Inception of Decomposing Paroxysm” has also super sick lyrics (which you can find in the booklet) and unique cover art. Finally something without human remains and ripped bodies, hehe. To be short, this album … Continue reading Putrefaction Sets In – Repugnant Inception of Decomposing Paroxysm

Repulsione – Human Destruction Front

Double bass quartet Repulsione dropped a new album this summer. “Human Destruction Front” is almost 35 minutes of down-tuned bass & drums noise. But these tunes are hidden behind a wonderful cover, which was made by fantastic artist Silvia Blackened. This art looks very dark (like a look into the gloomy future), but on the other hand, this is also damn brutal work, which fits this music. So shall we spin this record loud? I think this Italian squad is special because they don`t love to follow the old rules. Repulsione is using not a usual approach, they are using … Continue reading Repulsione – Human Destruction Front

Endless Demise / Fiend

This would have to be my favorite Grindcoe split from 2017. Both bands released what I consider as some of their best material on this 7”. That is what makes this release especially good. Usually on a split one band will outdo the other, but on this release both of the bands play on par with each other. So let’s begin…  I have kept track of Fiend from the beginning, they never disappointed me. Their punching Grindcore is so awesome, it’s hard to find the words to describe the feeling. Blast by blast, riff by riff the sound will destroy … Continue reading Endless Demise / Fiend