Crash Syndrom / Cannibe

What can hide behind such distasteful and ugly cover? Bingo, it’s a sick gore tunes! Here is a split CD that contains bands from Italy and Japan… You will find a few words about both of them a little bit lower.  Cannibe is an Italian one-man band that starter to play almost 2 decades ago and it`s still producing tons of the material. I respect the guy behind this name, but I was never a fan of his music, however, some songs of Cannibe are good. So this new material was created in weird death-gind style (with a big portion … Continue reading Crash Syndrom / Cannibe

Gut – Disciples Of Smut

The old cowboys are back! 2020 is horrible for the festival industry, but on the sunny side, it brings us a lot of cool albums! I think it was fall last year when I heard for the first time, that the old Germans are working on a new album. I was surprised and I didn’t expect much… but after listening to “Disciples of Smut” I was smashed, haha! But let`s have a deeper look into this album step by step. It was recorded and mixed at the Audiodrive Studio. For this recording, the guys asked a few friends to help … Continue reading Gut – Disciples Of Smut

Sedem Minut Strachu – SE Asia tour 2019

Last year my good friends from Slovakia took a great journey over the Asian part of our continent. Of course, they brought with them some merch and they also recorded something special for this road-trip.The tape is full of hate, idiotism, rage and annoying sounds, haha! All the tracks were recorded in February 2019 + there are a few things from older recordings. You won’t find any titles here, none of the songs have a name.   The design on this cassette cover is quite simple, it’s just a messy collage (that is very common for noise and grindcore genre) … Continue reading Sedem Minut Strachu – SE Asia tour 2019

Agathocles – Thanks for your Hostility

Classical AG now available again! This repress is fucking killer! What do I mean? This gatefold edition has great paper quality, album history (which was written by Jan), some old photos and a massive bonus. This is a really strong release, Power It Up rec can be proud of this work!  This lp has a nice sound (just keep in mind that the original session was pretty messy). Aside from the original 26 songs this edition has a very solid bonus, a radio session that was recorded decades ago in their hometown. If you ever heard AG before, then you … Continue reading Agathocles – Thanks for your Hostility