Mass Campylobacter Infection Through Raw Purulent Meat – Gore in your Stomachs

Illegible logo? Check. Tons of human parts and guts on the front cover? Check. Ugly sound? Check. What does this mean? It can only mean one thing – A Gorenoise release. Right now I’m listening to a fresh demo from a band with a long name, Mass Campylobacter Infection Through Raw Purulent Meat. I’m not a Gorenoise expert so I can’t judge their uniqueness. But there is one thing that stuck out. On their bandcamp page I found some info about how these noise maniacs are protecting animal rights. Hate humans – protect animals… I guess that’s how I can … Continue reading Mass Campylobacter Infection Through Raw Purulent Meat – Gore in your Stomachs

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome – Cannabis Cult Supremacy

The Gore infection is equivalent to a modern plague. I mean just look around, more and more people all over the globe are suffering from it. Here is one more victim – Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, a one man project that is spreading this infection in Spain. Let`s tag this Noise as a Gorenoise, I guess it’s the best definition for this band. It is not the least bit surprising that the cover art of this CDr release has a lot of human parts, cannabis and a slimy logo. But what would happen if we put this CD into the player…? … Continue reading Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome – Cannabis Cult Supremacy

Shit Life – Reign in Bud!

New album from this Michigan Grindcore band. Formed in 2009 Shit Life was put together by Zach and Chris during a period of inactivity with their black metal band Enochian. The band has released a number of splits, and a LP in 2017. 30+ minutes of hyper speed, maniacal Midwest Grindcore, the potent hybrid of death metal and hardcore punk that emerged in the 1980s with bands like Repulsion and Napalm Death, incl. More info at Regurgitated Semen Records! Continue reading Shit Life – Reign in Bud!

Dehumanized Earth / Existench

It’s always good to finish your day with good noise music. My evening ends with this small release of two interesting Canadian bands, Dehumanized Earth and Existench. Both have a lot of experience and both of them know how to make real shit. All songs are damn cool, as cool as this cyberpunk cover art, which I love a lot. This industrial/gloomy image brings good portion of the atmosphere for this split. I want to talk about D.E. at first… Dehumanized Earth surprised me. These tracks feel and sound different. All of this material sounds more positive than their old … Continue reading Dehumanized Earth / Existench

Vicious Circle ‎– Born to Destroy

Born to Destroy is the last album (at this moment) of Australian legends Vicious Circle. You won’t find much Punk Rock on this full length. This work stands out with powerful Hardcore vibes and aggression. But, the music is nothing without cool artwork, and I must say that they called the right artist. The front image and design in general looks badass, maybe someone would say that this image is boring and too common, but I don’t really think so. This skull, red colors and smoke are classic, they perfectly represent the music inside.     The 14 song LP … Continue reading Vicious Circle ‎– Born to Destroy