Abaddon Incarnate!

The beginning 95-97 We formed in 1995. Frustrated with the lack of fast and extreme bands in the Irish scene, our purpose was to be the fastest and most brutal band in Ireland. We recorded what may be described as a bestial death metal demo “When the demons come”. We then played extensively around Ireland, establishing a reputation as an amazing live act, even winning second place in MTVs battle of the bands in 1995 going against shit loads of indie / alternative bands. The original founding member line up was Steve Maher, Olan Parkinson, Bill Whelan and Rob Tierney. … Continue reading Abaddon Incarnate!

Degradatus – Degradatus (Trismus Records)

Unfortunately grindcore in Ukraine it`s something exotic and rare. Every time when I see a new Ukrainian grind release I`m fucking happy and excited! So today I want to present to you a new grind project from the west part of my country  – Degradatus! This is a studio project with two-person, who actually played a lot in different bands years ago. Looks like the hunger for the grind has turned them back in the game! Unlike many other grindcore projects, Degradatus used a pretty fresh approach in the cover art. It`s a bit another looks on painful social stuff. … Continue reading Degradatus – Degradatus (Trismus Records)

Soil Of Ignorance – Stop The Madness

Soil Of Ignorance is a good grindcore band, these guys don’t do anything outside of the genre, but what they do they do well. 2020 a very active and positive year for them, first they released a split with legends Excruciating Terror and then first full length! Today I will try to cover all parts of this long-awaited album.  The cover art is built out of all the crust/grindcore standards, we have a massive collage that covers sharp themes like religion, war, greed, poverty and animal rights, and so on. Indeed, that is the base of the madness that surrounds … Continue reading Soil Of Ignorance – Stop The Madness

Paskaa Silmien Tilalla – Missä On Oikeus

Well, I`m not a huge fan of noisecore, but even this genre could surprise. Here is exactly this case. Paskaa Silmien Tilalla is join work of 3 people who live in different corners of our world. All stuff was recorded in Denmark, Finland, and Ukraine. Interesting fact,  the vocal on this record was done by an ex-member of Skruta/Gaz 66 bands, I was sure that that guy ended with music years ago. I`m pretty sure that this project is gone now, but it`s cool that I got this tape for the review. So let’s begin! All together we have here … Continue reading Paskaa Silmien Tilalla – Missä On Oikeus

Septage – Septic Decadence!

Although a brand-new entity, SEPTAGE feature members of Taphos and Hyperdontia, and are perhaps unsurprisingly yet another sterling addition to Copenhagen’s thriving death metal scene of late. However, unlike those two bands, SEPTAGE indeed dwell deeply within sewage and gore, exhibiting a sound that reverentially nods to early Carcass as well as the contemporaneous Finnish death metal scene such records as Reek of Putrefaction and especially Symphonies of Sickness so inspired. More info on Me Saco Un Ojo Records! Continue reading Septage – Septic Decadence!

Retortion Terror / Invidiosus

I found this LP among other promo stuff from Wise Grinds rec. This is a vinyl re-issue of a really nice split between Retortion Terror and Invidiosus. I have no original CD, so I can’t compare vinyl with the old release, but this fresh press looks and sounds awesome! The cover remained intact, but the sound was a bit remastered according to format requirements (because if you use CD master for the vinyl release you will get a shitty result and huge money loss). Also, this version has 2 bonus tracks 1 from each band.   This split begins with … Continue reading Retortion Terror / Invidiosus