Organ Dealer (06.01.20)

Greetings my friends! How are you doing today? I hope all is well and your beer is cold, and Cher is playing loud from your speakers! Hello Mr. Bilous! Happy New Year! We are doing great, thanks for the interview! We believe in life after love. How does it feel to be in an underground band? And how many years have you been apart of this scene (not just in OxDx)? It’s awesome, it’s very hard work but it’s rewarding and we love it. We’ve all been active in the underground scene since we were teenagers, now in our 30s … Continue reading Organ Dealer (06.01.20)

Dephosphorus – Impossible Orbits

Finally, I found some time to sit down and write about the last album from Greek grinders Dephosphorus. First of all, I want to highlight that this work is very dark. This darkness starts right from the front cover and ends only with the last riff in Blessed In A Hail song. We all know how people of Greece love black metal and dark things. These sub-genres have a influences in, almost, all music in that country. I can name ton names of crust, metal, grind bands that are using a lot of black and dark metal. And I really … Continue reading Dephosphorus – Impossible Orbits

Psychoneurosis / Herida Profunda / Suffering Quota

I want to dedicate this review to Sonia, you won’t be forgotten, rest in grind my friend! Life is short and fast, and sometimes even faster than a grindcore song… Let’s talk about a fresh split with 3 great European bands – Psychoneurosis (Poland), Herida Profunda (Poland/UK), and Suffering Quota (Netherlands). I know that this split consists of unreleased and live material, and that doesn’t felt like fresh new songs, but fuck it, because this split sounds really good. I want to start from the first Polish band (the legends) Psychoneurosis. They perform here with two tracks, both of them … Continue reading Psychoneurosis / Herida Profunda / Suffering Quota

Depopulation Department – Life Kills

It’s always interesting to listen to new bands that consist of veterans because people with experience know the way, and they know how to deal with songwriting, sound, production, etc. Today I want to present to you a band with the members of Haemorrhage, and ex-Avulsion – Depopulation Department. I don’t want to disappoint you, but you won’t hear a grindcore or gore here, because this band is playing crust punk. But not a simple one, this band has a fire and super kicking energy in all of their songs. Talking about artwork… Yes, this one is not original, even … Continue reading Depopulation Department – Life Kills

Head Brain Blockade – Destruction of Principle of Life

I received a very short and uninformative e-mail asking me if I was interested in reviewing the new Head Brain Blockade album. I had never heard of that band before, but I know that No Bread rec has good taste in music, so I figured why the hell not write a few words about this CD. A couple of weeks later the promo arrived in the mail. When I opened the box and give a first look at this digipack I recognized the artist that draw this cover art. That is my old buddy Jon from Kaliningrad, I can identify … Continue reading Head Brain Blockade – Destruction of Principle of Life