Agathocles / Restos Humanos

Damn, what a loud split we have here! On one side the infamous Agathocles with their rancid brand of Mince tunes, and Italian Deathgrinders Restos Humanos. All together 6 songs, giving us a huge load of fun and energy + great design. There are still a lot of things that I could talk about but let’s just put this small vinyl on the turntable. We will start this noisy evening with the AG side.      The Belgian Mince dealers don’t seem to know what a day of rest is, nor do they seem to give a fuck about it. … Continue reading Agathocles / Restos Humanos

Lycanthrophy (01.02.20)

Greeting man, how are you doing today? How was Grind Here Right Now for you? Hi Alex, we are fine, thanks for asking. Grind here right now was a blast! Thanks to Mario and all the involved parties for such a good work. It was pretty crazy trip for us because of distance like 900km but was worth all the effort. The line up was pretty insane including old school grind and fast core bands only, the venue was cool although it was sold out and packed but this is much better than an empty place and broken promoter. I … Continue reading Lycanthrophy (01.02.20)

Jack ‎– Vinyl Problems

Hungarian veterans Jack started more than 2 decades ago… since then they managed to play a huge number of gigs and make a solid discography. These maniacs worked hard on their own name and they deserve at least a small discography release. Well that happened in 2017, and that CD get the name “Vinyl Problems”. Not sure why they picked up such name, maybe because all the songs were previously released only on vinyl or maybe because not everyone has a player in their homes, so you’re simply unable to listen it… the reason is still unclear. But anyway we … Continue reading Jack ‎– Vinyl Problems