Blarghstrad – Blarghstrad

Blarghstrad is a Australian one man project and I can say it’s not so common to hear such “noise”. Blarghstrad is run by a guy called Brad , who plays all the instruments and sings (Growls? Screams? Howls? Ohh, whatever. This CD could be compared to an audio weapon, haha! This Noisecore is bloody loud and aggressive, people who don`t know what  Noisecore is, will be hurt, haha! Somebody might ask “Why the hell do you like Noisecore?”, well… I usually write reviews about Grindcore stuff, believe it or not but this genre could be interesting and very versatile, that’s … Continue reading Blarghstrad – Blarghstrad

Sardanapalm Death – Διαμόρφωση συνείδησης

I haven’t really heard many new bands that bring anything fresh to the genre. Here come Sardanapalm Death, who also don’t bring anything new to the genre, but this band deserves to be heard. In contrast to other Greek Crust Punk bands, this one sounds a bit faster and has less of the commonplace deep and dark atmosphere. The cover art is really suitable for this kind of Crust. It’s dirty, unmasked, aggressive and smelly. As for the music… Διαμόρφωση συνείδησης is obviously not a masterpiece, but it’s also not a crappy album. Despite all the usual d-beat shenanigans, the … Continue reading Sardanapalm Death – Διαμόρφωση συνείδησης

OEF 2019! Punk day!

“You are surely asking why punk of all things? Well, it’s quite simple as without punk there would be no grindcore, thrash, death, hardcore and maybe there would not be lots of other things too!!! I’m very grateful I have met punk on my way. I have a lot of friends among the punks and I also feel like a punk myself (partially at least). Punk is just great as it has destroyed almost everything that was before. It was a total shock and it still can be unbridled, rough and it calls for personal freedom absolutely unambiguously and uncompromisingly … Continue reading OEF 2019! Punk day!

Hagamoto (30.03.19)

Greeting Hagamoto-san! How are you doing today? I`m really happy that you found some time for this small conversation, I know you’re very busy, so I really appreciate it. Thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself to your readership and I apologize in advance if my answers are a bit bland. Well, honestly I was shocked, when I saw how many bands you are a part of. The list is huge. So I must ask where do you find time and energy for all that? What motivates you to create so much music? You naturally gravitate to activities that … Continue reading Hagamoto (30.03.19)

Failure – S/T

With this record Failure become yet another one of those Powerviolence band that Italy seems to be infected with. These 3 maniacs know how to play violent Punk. The cover art pretty much displays the music of Failure. Because this debut is full of hate and rage and loud crashing energy. This 7” was released in collaboration by 4 labels, and it was pressed in two different colors yellow and black. I have the obsidian black copy, that sounds really great.   When the needle touched the vinyl I realized that next the 7 minutes of my life would be … Continue reading Failure – S/T

ShitFuckingShit – Life Of Excess (Vleesklak Records)

No need to say more, the band’s name says it all, ShitFuckingShit plays… Grind! For neophytes and non-Italian people, ShitFuckingShit comes from Italy. The trio is very active, they’ve recorded a ton of releases and played boatloads of shows, but for some reason they’re still fairly unknown in the underground. I myself have known of this band for some time, but I’ve never got a promo for review. That situation was fixed by Vleesklak Records they sent me this CD with some other nice stuff. So let’s see what we have here. This release has a horrible and shitty design, … Continue reading ShitFuckingShit – Life Of Excess (Vleesklak Records)

Χαοτικό Τέλος ‎– Υπόσχεση

I have a question for you – what do you know about the Greek crust scene? I bet not so much… Greek crust punk is pretty unique; it has its own taste. It’s not cheerful and fast like Swedish kind of crust or raw and aggressive like Brazilian crust, no, this kind of punk is very dark. The riffs and tempos are mostly slower than usual, the atmosphere is full of gloomy emotions. There is a lot of the bands that are using stenchcore (yep, that mystic and barbaric sub-genre) formula in their music. Χαοτικό Τέλος (Chaotic End) is that … Continue reading Χαοτικό Τέλος ‎– Υπόσχεση

G.O.D. / Domesticated

The end of 2018 blasted my ass with this small split. I love good gore, so this 7” became a good nice “holiday cake” for me. So as usual, here is a little info about today’s heroes. G.O.D. or Grotesque Organ Defilement, is well known 3 boys band from Ontario (Canada). They blow up the underground with their interesting and unusual high speed goregrind. Their full length “Body Horror”  set a big shoes to fill, so I’m expecting a lot from this new material. Domesticated is a new name for me. I believe they had started in 2016, Victoria City … Continue reading G.O.D. / Domesticated

General Surgery (28.03.19)

Greetings! It’s a huge pleasure for me to do this small interview, so how are you doing guys? What’s new, old or dead? Dr C: Salutations! We are still going, even though our public mortuary presence might indicate otherwise… as we say in Swedish: like lever! In 2019 I feel that the old stuffy carcass will start to shift its weight a little more and you might see a tad bit more activity. Which is relative to the flat-line you’re seeing now – make of that what you will. We’ll have a few public autopsies planned for the year, so … Continue reading General Surgery (28.03.19)