The Arson Project (29.05.23)

My greeting guys, how are you doing today? Hope you are in the right mood because we’re starting our boring interview right now! Hi! We are doing great. Summer is around the corner and we are busy with the release of our new album so we can’t complain! To be honest I was waiting for your new album for years! And finally, it happening. So what people should know about “God Bless”.  And what feelings and thoughts are swarming in your heads after all this hard work? Sorry for the long wait! Happy to hear that you and other people … Continue reading The Arson Project (29.05.23)

Active Shooter – Discography 2016​-​2021

No, no these guys didn’t split up. Just Inglorious Moshers rec wanted to show some respect and support for Active Shooter. That’s why this Italian label gathered together all the recorded stuff of these grind-violence freaks and released it last year. Well, this CD is really massive, 46 songs of great and loud stuff. Good design, cover art, booklet, and so on… I feel that this is a real ripper, but am I right? Let’s check it! First of all this discography will cheer you us with a wonderful portion of kick-ass riffs and aggressive tunes. But be careful, because … Continue reading Active Shooter – Discography 2016​-​2021

Abanglupa – Of Rats And Swine

What do you know about the extreme music scene in the Philippines? Today I want to share with you an awesome debut of Abanglupa. First of all, we have here a duo, two blood-related brothers who decided to fight back against the system. The music of this band is also a form of protest against the ruling government of Rodrigo Duterte. As a result, 10 songs of dynamic gloomy metal hardcore with crust vibes, that are bursting with energy and rage. Intriguing, isn’t it? This music is a bloody good punch right into the head! Loud, fast and aggressive… guys … Continue reading Abanglupa – Of Rats And Swine

First Days Of Humanity – Biopsy Blues

First Days Of Humanity is a well-known project, especially in the US. Some time ago I received a tape from Scumlord rec, well let`s see what we got here. The cover is so disgusting, haha, but what did you expect t see here?). Unlike the previous EPs “Biopsy Blues” is not a tribute to LDOH… this is something different, let`s say it’s a kind of experiment. Plus this time Chris didn’t work alone, this stuff was recorded with a real drummer (Jacks). And as far as I know, they started to play live… I think that is a good step … Continue reading First Days Of Humanity – Biopsy Blues

HIV – The Bright Side Of Everything

HIV – Polish grindcore. I think guys won’t mind if you call their band a young one… but just for 5 years of existence guys managed to record 2 nice albums, and today I’m going to talk about their second full-length  “The Bright Side Of Everything”.  It’s worth noting that the members of this band also play in Death Crusade (death crust) and Nuclear Holocaust (grindcore with thrash vibes). This is pretty impressive work, with superb sound and material. This record also has an elegant album cover (which is not usual for this kind of music). But musically these boys … Continue reading HIV – The Bright Side Of Everything