Haexler – Blankness, Bleakness

Today’s story will be about young debuts, I’m going to write a few words about the first record of German Haexler. They marked themselves as a powerviolence band, but in my opinion, we have here a mix of different sub-genres. In this record, I found some grindcore parts, some modern jumping hardcore, and some pv of course. But let’s go in order… This 7” starts with the atmospheric and sad intro “Climb”, which reminds me of some post-hardcore bands or blackened crust stuff. The second song “Hide” sounds very modern with the beat down tricks (which I don’t really like), … Continue reading Haexler – Blankness, Bleakness

Septicemic Plague – Creeping Flesh Horror

Today I will talk about debut tape of the one-man goregrind project from Occidental/USA. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a lot of information about this project. So far this band released 3 tapes, the last was a split with Meatus, and now their bandcamp page is pretty silent. I found about this act because my friend from GarbageBondage Records released it, and sent the tape to me. What can I say I was more than surprised… Creeping Flesh Horror is simply awesome low vibrations with disgusting (in a good way) sound! Raw and bit messy, this sound reminds me, old bands, … Continue reading Septicemic Plague – Creeping Flesh Horror

Eye Gag – Your Achievements

This review has been a long time coming, sit down and hold on tight because we are going on a 75 track Noiscore Safari. Eye Gag is the one man project of Sam Sandoval based out of Chicago,Illinois. The album in the spotlight today is Your Achievements is a compilation of all of the material Eye Gag has released up to this point.  Where do I even begin with this album? All 75 songs are split into 3 seperate tracks on the album, so it’s a never ending onslaught from the start. Kicking it all off is 31 tracks titled … Continue reading Eye Gag – Your Achievements

Anatomical Plastination – Removal Of The Dead Flesh

There are a lot of undervalued bands in our underground, I know that it’s nearly impossible to check or know all of them and track them too, but I want to fix that. Today I want to talk about the one really interesting pathological act – Anatomical Plastination. This band was based in Mexico, and the guys were fans of old school gore and death metal. I was lucky to get a copy of this 7” from Grotesque Records (thank you bro). First what I thought when I unpacked this vinyl was “goddamn is this a tribute to Carcass?!”, ha! … Continue reading Anatomical Plastination – Removal Of The Dead Flesh