My Minds Mine – Passengers Of The Void

Netherlands has brought us a ton of great bands, it’s hard to calculate the exact number. My Minds Mine is among them. I was really glad to read about their reunion few years ago. Time was running out and in the end of 2018 MMM presented us with a huge and buzzing album “Passengers Of The Void”. I was smashed by the preview track and I said “Wow” when I first  saw the album art. This image is really brutal. Wild, savage characters, blood and violence… it’s just a perfect combination (the idea of this art reminds me of the … Continue reading My Minds Mine – Passengers Of The Void

Discography of Vomit Spawn is out!

“Vomography” collects the entire recorded output from Florida hate-grind band, Vomit Spawn. Formed in 1992, Vomit Spawn quickly gained a cult following with the release of their 1993 “Fetal Lust” Demo. Their spastic approach to grindcore mixed elements of early Earache with the intensity of Anal Cunt, topped with hateful, yet clever lyrics, spat out at a machine-gun pace by one of the most extreme vocalists the underground has seen. While they were together, they released two demos, three split 7”s and a 3” CD. After a couple of brief periods of inactivity and lineup changes, they called it quits … Continue reading Discography of Vomit Spawn is out!

VA – Six Stab Wounds

Have you ever wondered to yourself, what is the Grind scene like in France? No? Well if you have no time to google it, you can listen to this amazing compilation instead. 6 bands from different regions of this beautiful country will show you what they’ve got in store. This is are ally huge piece of work. Huge thanks to Coups de Couteau for sending me this nuclear CD. Angoulême – Yattai. I’ve known this band for a long time and I always love to listen their new noise. So 6 new songs are made in the delicate Yattai style. … Continue reading VA – Six Stab Wounds

A Survivors Guide to Obscene Extreme Festival

Obscene Extreme is one of the most Grindcore places on our small planet. I had always wanted to visit it, but for a number of reasons I managed to finally attend this year. On a high note, it’s even better because I visited during the big 20th anniversary celebration of the festival. So here is my story about a trip to the town of Trutnov. It was a long and hard journey; we left Kiev by car and did about 700 km of driving when we got stuck at the Ukrainian/Polish border for about 5 hours. Only in the morning … Continue reading A Survivors Guide to Obscene Extreme Festival

Take That Vile Fiend / Sulfuric Cautery

Here’s a cool grinding split! With nasty vibrations, raw sound, and with two famous gore bands! Guys from Take That Vile Fiend and Sulfuric Cautery guarantee you a vomiting spasm in your brains! If you like fast and nasty grind, you’re in the right place. Boys from Ohio play the kind of raw grindcore that would make anyones dick hard. Their sound is raw as fuck- difficult to hear the riffs, but that doesn`t matter. This noise makes me think about good old LDOH for the riffs and Warsore for the vocal and heavy sound. There is also something special, … Continue reading Take That Vile Fiend / Sulfuric Cautery

Hobos – Nell’Era Dell’Apparenza

Sometime even Grind can became boring, in this case you may want to listen to some other genres, maybe even some hits from Madonna or Scorpions. But before you do that I have an interesting proposition for you… Try to listen to some weird Rock’N’Roll, I`m sure it will cheer you up. Here’s one of these strange “wtf, is this a Grind tribute to Lemmy?” albums, hehe. I didn`t know to much about Hobos, I only know that they are based in Italy and this is their second full length. But that is unnecessary, because only the music is necessary … Continue reading Hobos – Nell’Era Dell’Apparenza