Always Never Fun / ill!

This split can be described as “play fast or go to the bed”, haha! Both bands on this release represent the new generation of fastcore era. I think this small piece of plastic needs more attention from the fans, so that’s why I picked up this 7”. Beside nice fast tunes, this small one has not the worst design. Cool, gloomy, and super old photo of train crash… simply – maybe, but it’s still a good choice.    ANF stayed true to themselves, they didn’t change their furious music. I think it`s the last their recording and I must admit … Continue reading Always Never Fun / ill!

Psycho / Nunwhore Commando 666

I don’t know where the idea of this split is come from, but the result is more than great! US legend Psycho and German perverts Nunwhore Commando 666 join forces for this ugly looking release. I have never been a fan of picture discs because usually they only look good but sounds like shit… well this one has more than acceptable sound, which is surprising) So…  Boston`s warriors performing with 3 brand new songs. You will be attacked by old noisy and buzzing punk! I think on this record guys returned to their roots a little bit. Because all tracks … Continue reading Psycho / Nunwhore Commando 666

Buio Mondo / Nashgul ‎– Un Omaggio A Lucio Fulci E Fabio Frizzi

Nashgul is well known grind brigade. But their last release surprised their fans and my ass too, haha! Guys joined their forces with Buio Mondo and recorded something very unusual (as for grind band). Both songs (yes we have only 2 two here) are a tribute to Italian horror masters Fabio Frizzi and Lucio Fulci. This work has deep historical and cultural roots (at least that’s how I feel about this EP), and if you are in love with horror movies you won’t ignore this release. As usual, the artwork was made by Luis Sendón, he drew the most iconic … Continue reading Buio Mondo / Nashgul ‎– Un Omaggio A Lucio Fulci E Fabio Frizzi

Disabuse ‎– Demos of War

Disabuse was a Canadian band who played raw crust punk. Most of you may say that this is just one more band from dispunk army… maybe, but this compilation album is worth of try. This squad had a short life, guys recorded only two tapes, and then Disabuse were done. After that few members started legendary Existench (but I will tell you about this band in another review). It’s obvious that the heroes of our story were inspired by mighty Discharge, but they also used some primitive grindcore vibes. All together this red LP contains 20 raw songs. I think … Continue reading Disabuse ‎– Demos of War

Crash Syndrom / Cannibe

What can hide behind such distasteful and ugly cover? Bingo, it’s a sick gore tunes! Here is a split CD that contains bands from Italy and Japan… You will find a few words about both of them a little bit lower.  Cannibe is an Italian one-man band that starter to play almost 2 decades ago and it`s still producing tons of the material. I respect the guy behind this name, but I was never a fan of his music, however, some songs of Cannibe are good. So this new material was created in weird death-gind style (with a big portion … Continue reading Crash Syndrom / Cannibe