Zombies Eat My Neighbours – S/T (Surrogate rec)

This band has already existed more than 10 years… But unfortunately they’ve remained almost unknown outside of Ukraine. For these years this band has suffered a lot, like any other band they’ve had a lot of line-up changes and trouble with labels. But finally, this year small diy label Surrogate Records released both of their albums on one tape. This tape looks very simple, as I know these guys tried to make it look like a pirate tape (bootleg cassette), well they managed to do that (i`m pretty sure that cover art is stolen from the internet, hahaha. So, boys … Continue reading Zombies Eat My Neighbours – S/T (Surrogate rec)

GRIND За**ісь PARTY # 6

В суботу 22 квітня пройшов 6-й концертний грайнд вогник під вивіскою “GRIND За**ісь PARTY”. Почалося все з невеличкої затримки, яка дала змогу “заправитися” фанатам на вулиці та досхочу поспілкуватися між собою. Приємно було бачити стільки знайомих облич, та гуртів під одним дахом. Почувши скрипучі звуки саундчеку, я зайшов в середину. Відповідальна місія відкривати цей концерт випала запорізьким хлопцям Hinnom Vultures. Налаштувавшись, хлопці вдарили першими звуками по вухам небагаточисленної публіки. Чув цей гурт вперше, нічого не очікував, але чесно-кажучи лишилися позитивні враження. Хлопці видали хорошу суміш хардкор красту, приправлену ледь помітною мелодичністю. Публіка була вже достатньо розігріта і наступними на сцену вийшли місцеві панки Diversion. … Continue reading GRIND За**ісь PARTY # 6


Ukrainian experimental Thrash/grind/hardcore band. Was founded in 2006 in Borodyanka (the town in Kiev region). After the successful debut in “Bingo” club in spring 2008 and about a dozen of gigs, the band had fallen into anabiosis and started hunting the experienced soldiers for the zombie division… Despite of the fact of frequent changes in rhythm-section, the band recorded demo, 2 EPs and debut album… Now guys are based in Kiev, fell to more extreme sound and are preparing new material. Z.E.M.N. bandcamp Continue reading ZOMBIES EAT MY NEIGHBOURS!

Zombies Eat My Neighbours (13.06.14)

Seat comfortable, be my guest and treat yourself to corrupted politician`s fresh brain. How you doing? What kind of evil do you hide behind the Z.E.M.N.? Hi! We`re just fine, especially after having fresh brains for breakfast))) `Cause evil is hidden within all of us…“Zombies” – it`s the experimental cocktail, in which thrash, punk, grindcore are wellshaken and spiced with social oriented lyrics by barman… What`s new about the recording? All are talking about you having started the recording process! The recording process was going rather smoothly, but the mixing was difficult!I`m not quite sure if it could be called … Continue reading Zombies Eat My Neighbours (13.06.14)