Split LP of Agathocles / Uitschot is out!

This noise released by Vleesklak Records (Belgium), Grindfather Productions (UK/Poland), AxRxL (Germany), Zas Autoprodizione (Italy), Punti Scena Records (Italy) & Haunted Hotel Records (USA) Continue reading Split LP of Agathocles / Uitschot is out!

Split Terror Firmer / Su19b finally out!

You can order this split thru next labels: Zas Autoproduzioni / Grindfather Productions / Mono Canibal Records / Crit De Fastic Records / L’è Tütt Folklor Records / Alternative Record Label (ARL) / Sedation / Collettivo Autorganizzato SWAMP / THC & DIY Records Continue reading Split Terror Firmer / Su19b finally out!

Split Prisoner 639 / Throw Me In The Crater out NOW!

Grab your copy thru:  Omega Warfare Records ¡ZAS! Autoproduzioni Toilet Teeth Records EveryDayHate Alternative Record Label Punti Scena Records Dead Punx Records Vleesklak Records  Continue reading Split Prisoner 639 / Throw Me In The Crater out NOW!

Mesrine / G.O.D.

This split made very long way from the idea to physical incarnation. Labels spent a lot of time releasing this vinyl (I guess that the reason was financial issues, as always)… deadline was changing a lot and I was waiting for this split for more than a year! And finally in the end of the year 2015 I managed to check it out. When I heard about this split for the first time I wasn’t even surprised because guys from both bands live in the same country and are friends and they have many shows where they play together. So … Continue reading Mesrine / G.O.D.

Archagathus / Terror Firmer is out!

This split released through:Goodbye Mankind, ¡ZAS! Autoproduzioni, Hecatombe Records, Nuclear Alcoholocaust, Repulsive Medias, Dead rasputin prod., Extreme Terror Production, Grind Your Mind Records, Soondoongi Records, Grindfather Productions, PoGohai Records, Ratto Records  Continue reading Archagathus / Terror Firmer is out!

Haemophagus & Subjugation split 7"

What the vinyl marked with an eight pointed star of chaos and darksome human skulls is expected to be? Right, it’s a grim prospect (go piss up a rope, if you go to church every Sunday). The split of Italian Haemophagus and Turkish Subjugation may become a truly trial)) I’ve heard Haemophagus previously, but at that time their music was sheerly saturated with grind sound. Now you can hardly notice any. While I was reading annotation to this release, I remarked that an author had compared Haemophagus to Machetazo and Repulsion… to be candid, I don’t think so… The first track … Continue reading Haemophagus & Subjugation split 7"