Deterrence / Yattai (Fat Ass rec)

Fresh stuff, guys! Powerful, but short split of Polish Deterrance and French Yattai turned out to be a pleasant surprise for me. Pleasant in terms of material… Polish guys offered us raw and teeth-crushing grindcore. Meanwhile, Frenchies are notable for the craziness of their stuff (I’ll come back to that later). I know that Yattai use an old picture from their archives for the cover, and to tell the truth I didn’t like it at all. Deterrence offer a whole different story! Their cover artist approached the business quite seriously and depicted all the main woes of humankind, which are … Continue reading Deterrence / Yattai (Fat Ass rec)

Yattaï – Fast Music Means Love (EveryDayHate)

Sometimes to make the album interesting and memorable for the listener, musicians do not need to do any clever experiments with sound, non-standard construction of the compositions, or some strange rhythm, vocals or other things. They also don’t need a beautiful album cover (as in this particular case, because this version of the cover is simply awful, ahaha) Sometimes it’s just enough to listen to music couple of times to feel all the love and sincerity that musicians put into their work. As it happens with this French band with a Japanese name. Today I want to tell you about … Continue reading Yattaï – Fast Music Means Love (EveryDayHate)

Awesome news from EveryDayHate rec!

Label currently working on several projects:The Kill– kill them…all 12″LP (colaboration) Warsore/ Soil Of Ignorance split 7″EP (colaboration) MESRINE/ G.O.D. split 7″EP (colaboration) YATTAÏ– Fast Music means Love CD (colaboration) Overviolence / Expurgo split 5″EP (hope to have it for summer) Mindflair brand new album! Release date march 2015! Agathocles/ MPG split 7″EP (colaboration ) Haemophagus/ SUBJUGATION split 7″EP (colaboration) Continue reading Awesome news from EveryDayHate rec!

Yattaï (30.01.14)

All right, lights, camera, action! Hi, Gautier, how’re you doin my friend? Hi Alex ! First, thanks for the opportunity. We always like to talk about the band whenever we can. On a personal point of view, 2014 seems to be shitty as fuck, but hey, like the song says : life is life lala la lala! Ha ha ha!!! If I am not mistaken your band’s title is on japanese language, right? Who is this ramen lover that came up with this idea?) Back in the days, we had about 10 songs but no name yet. I came up with the … Continue reading Yattaï (30.01.14)