X-Torsion – Do It Your Hell (Sengaja Records)

X-Torsion is a very nice band which is based in Barcelona,Spain. Their previous album Odio Eterno was really nice, but it has been a couple of years since that album was released, and now our Spanish friends are back to treat us with a new and badass album. That new album will fill your heart up with a nasty punk groove and with a lot of crushing grind outbursts. Like in previous things the cover art for this album has the same style. This cover seems to me like a piece of a cartoon or something like that. It`s lovely … Continue reading X-Torsion – Do It Your Hell (Sengaja Records)

X-Torsion / Cruel Face (Sengaja Records)

Honestly speaking, this split was one of those 2015 releases which I was waiting for. And after I finally listened to it, I realized that waiting was not for nothing! So I will not go into long introduction, I’ll start right on the part of the Spanish… X-Torsion already has one full-length album behind, so now they decided to deliver some fresh stuff on split release. The visual part reminds of (and perhaps it is a follow up to) the first album cover art, everything with the same funny black humor of gore / horror picture. But fresh tracks surprised … Continue reading X-Torsion / Cruel Face (Sengaja Records)

X​-​Torsion – Odio Eterno (Sengaja Records)

Spain is very rich for all kinds of talents. This wonderful country gave birth to a lot of great bands. But the most famous bands will be reviewed next time. Today, I want to put on a GGGG turntable the first album of a young band called X-torsion. If you do not take their participation in compilation into account, then OdioEterno is their first serious work. Hmmm, maybe I have to go to a psychiatrist, but the art on this album made me smile. A sort of a funny black humor half-rotten cartoon head, I could not not see anything … Continue reading X​-​Torsion – Odio Eterno (Sengaja Records)